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SBI Clerk Marketing and Computer Paper - Set 1

IBPS Q.ID 1. The desktop contains small graphics called
a) windows                            
b) logos                                              
c) icons                     
d) pictures                              
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 2. Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task?
a) Function                            
b) Control                              
c) Arrow       
d) Space Bar                          
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 3. Extension of a word file in MS-Office-2007 is
a) .doc                                   
b) .docx                                 
c) .docxs       
d) All the above                    
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 4. What is Outlook Express?
a) Scheduler                           
b) E-mail client                                  
c) Address Book
d) All the above                     
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 5. In which of the following topologies, there are n devices in a network and each device has (n ⎯ 1) parts for cables?
a) Mesh                                  
b) Star                                    
c) Ring          
d) Bus                                    
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 6. Which of the following items is not used in local area network (LAN)?
a) Computer                            
b) Modem                              
c) Printer       
d) Cable                                 
e) Connector

IBPS Q.ID 7. When sending an e-mail, the _________ line describes the content of the message?
a) To                                      
b) CC                                     
c) Contents   
d) BCC                                  
e) Subject

IBPS Q.ID 8. What is the keyboard shortcut for creating chart from the selected cell range?
a) F2                                      
b) F4                                      
c) F8             
d) F10                                    
e) F11

IBPS Q.ID 9. The power of a spreadsheet lies in its
a) Cells                                  
b) Formulas                           
c) Labels       
d) Worksheets                        
e) Rows and Coloumns

IBPS Q.ID 10. IP address consists of how many bits?
a) 16 bits                                
b) 8 bits                                 
c) 30 bits       
d) 36 bits                                
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 11. Any data or instruction entered into the memory of a computer is considered as
a) Storage                               
b) Output                               
c) Input                     
d) Information                         
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 12. In Excel, _________ contains one or more worksheets.
a) Template                            
b) Workbook                         
c) Active cell
d) Label                                 
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 13. What do we call a blinking indicator that shows you where your next action will happen?
a) CPU                                   
b) Cursor                               
c) Tool bar    
d) Boot                                  
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 14. Applications are often referred to as
a) Data file                             
b) executable files                 
c) System software   
d) The operating system         
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 15. Who among the following is the father of ‘C’ programming language?
a) Dennis Ritchie                   
b) Prof John Kemeny            
c) Thomas Kurtz       
d) Bill Gates                          
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 16. Which of the following refers to a small, single-site network?
a) LAN                                   
b) DSL                                   
c) RAM         
d) USB                                   
e) CPU

IBPS Q.ID 17. Which of the following moves the cursor one space to the right to put spaces in between words?
a) Control key                        
b) Space bar                           
c) Printer       
d) Mouse                                
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 18. Which of the following is a program which helps create written documents and lets you go back and make corrections as necessary?
a) Spreadsheet                       
b) Personal writer                   
c) Word printer         
d) Word processor                
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 19. User- programmable terminals that combine VDT hardware with built-in-microprocessor is/are called
a) Kips                                   
b) PC                                     
c) Mainframe
d) Intelligent terminals           
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 20. The storage capacity of a disk system depends on the bits per inch of track and the tracks per inch of
a) Cylinder                            
b) Hum                                              
c) Cluster      
d) Surface                              
e) None of these

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