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Review of LIC AAO Exam held on 12th May 2013 (Morning Session)

mm readers, here are the exam reviews of (12-05-2013) LIC AAO Exam Morning Session. MM team find this material on internet and providing for your better preparation.
This is the review of LIC AAO exam on 12/05/2013 (sunday) in the morning session.Questions asked in the exam. we are posting those details here so that the people who are going to attend by the next upcoming LIC AAo exam exam will be aware of the things that they have to concentrate.

COMPUTER Knowledge (30) : very easy and very basic questions were asked
2Q on i/p & o/p devices (bar code reader is a input device, hard copy is taken from printer etc)
3Q on storage (RAM features)
5Q on internet (home page is related to internet, computers connected to single port called hub, email etc)
3Q on full forms ( like CD)
which is octane num?
editing name of a folder ?(renaming)
So easily we can attempt not lessthan 20Q

ENGLISH Language Test (40) : very easy
paragraph - 10Q
sentence error - 5Q
bold word error correction - 5Q
double fill in d blanks - 5Q
sentence arrangement - 5Q
filling up blanks in paragraph - 5Q
As it of qualifying nature better skip some questions

GENERAL AWARENESS (30) : easy but some what tricky
6Q - insurance related (cmpny having munbai as its headquarter, terminology related)
4Q - presidents & prime ministers ( Zacob zuma is president of south africa, francis hollande - france etc)
4Q - 5 govt schemes (ASHA, RAY, SGSY)
8Q - banking sector (increase and decrease of key rates, their definitions, regulator of financial cmpny, rrbs are classified under, one of the following is scheduled commercial bank)
capital regulatory authority of india - SEBI
which is octane num?
award( kalidas award is given in the field of poetry)
But the tricky thing is that one of the option out of 5 is given as OTHERS WHICH IS NOT GIVEN OPTION. This makes you think again so be confident of your answer as I have got confused for few questions

REASONING Ability (30) : Very easy
5Q - data sufficiency
5Q - syllogism
8Q - inequalities
5Q - coding and decoding( like ha ja pa - how need help ja zo ki - need some he ) like this
3Q - comparisons (about ages, heights)
1Q - assumption
1Q - inference
1Q - course of action
5Q - seating arrangement( but this is very lengthy 8 persons,floors,states etc!!!!)
We can attempt 20-24Qs easily

NUMERICAL Ability (30) : time consuming
5Q - data sufficiency
5Q - data interpretation (table and piechart)
5Q - approximations (very lenghty)
5Q - basic calculations (5 digit nums and decimals upto 4 so time taking)
5Q - series ( 3 are easy)
remaining five questions on simple interest, time n wrk, time n dist, boat n stream, pipe n cistern.
20Q can be attempted
So overall review of d ppr is that it is easy. Save more time in gk,cmp n english so that reasoning and maths will be having time. I have alloted most of the time for maths & reasoning only. Hope this helps you all guys ALL THE VERY BEST.....

Another Review Detail:
Quants section
Di-5 questions---The question is there were 6 booksellers and selling
books of 6 different subjects nd in another graph no. of books
returned to each bookseller consist of all subjects nd total retuned
book was given was given.two questions were based simple ratio,2 on
difference,1 on %.
2-3 from p&c nd Probablity..in p&c question was in how many ways
letter can arranged so that vowels come together
in problity select 2 eggs out out 28.8 r rotten.find the problity that
atlest 1 in rotten.
5 ques on data sufficiency.
8-9 on appximation nd calculation.5 question on series(find the wrong 1).
1 on S.i very simple(ques-interest is 18% of p,time = rate of interest,find r?)
tsd-2 question
tw-1 ques.(a can do in 16 days,b in 10,if they works alternately
starts with a find how many days will be required)
1 question on %(guy enters height 20% more than actual height in a
form.in interview he told that his actual height is 5"2.how much % he
should reduce his height to correct his mistake.)

Reasoning section
5 on puzzle(There r 8 floor in building,8 people r in building,each 1
is from different state).
5 on syllogism(very easy).
5 on data sufficiency.
5 on ineqeality.
5 on coding decoding.
1-2 on blood relation.

Computer Section
with working knowledge one can solve 25+.ques. were like full form of
cd,it.very easy

General Knowledge
Banking+current affair(nothing beyond febuary) 3-4 ques on insurance
(like whose headquarter is in mumbai blah blah). one who have prepared for ibps will solved with eyes closed.

10 ques on compresion
5 fill in the blanks(2 blanks)
7-8 find error
6-7 fill in blanks(1 blanks)
5 sentence rearrangement
All the Best. Team MM

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