Saturday, 5 December 2015

REASONING SIMPLIFIED: Tips to Clear Reasoning Section

 Topics expected to be covered in the Reasoning exam are as follows:

  •  Machine Input Output
  •  Coding-Decoding
  •  Puzzles
  •  Direction and Distance
  •  Order and ranking
  •  Syllogism
  •  Blood relations
  •  Seating arrangement
  •  Arrangement and pattern
  •  Inequalities

reasoning Notes and questions DIRECTION TEST & DISTANCE for bank exams with answers pdf

Now let us have a look at the Time Management because it is going to play a very crucial role in the exam.

  • Reasoning is a subject in which most people have a strong hand in and consider it to be their ace or ticket to clearing the cut off as they call it. 
  • It might seem unfair to you that we are giving more preference to reasoning but the fact is that most of the people who have cleared the IBPS PO preliminary exam have scored maximum in reasoning. You can mould the time management according to your strength and weaknesses because in the end, you are going to decide everything. It's just a guidance, not the final picture.
  • Yet we find students making errors and coming out dissatisfied and unsure about the section after the exam. This usually happens when people get attached to questions and end up wasting their time. Do not forget that the purpose of these exams is not to test your knowledge but to test your ability to manage your time and speed. So attempt as many questions you can and that too accurately. 

Below are some points that you should take care of:

  1. Do not attempt puzzles or seating arrangements first, do them after you have attempted all the other questions of the section and if you are still left with time in the 20 mins time limit. The reason why we say this is that off late the level of these questions based on puzzles has gradually increased and require more time to solve them. So spending 10 mins for 5 marks doesn't make sense in the exam where you have only 60 minutes to prove your worth.
  2. While solving the questions, skip all the time consuming questions and attempt only those which easily click. Any question that takes more than a minute to solve is meant to be left.
  3. Use the allotted 20 minutes judicially such that the difference between the number of attempts and the number of questions done accurately is very low.
  4. Last but not the least practice online mock exams daily if possible, as this will give you experience and a chance to apply all these tips enabling you with an error free experience in the real battle.
  5. Note: The aim is to attempt a minimum of 15-20 marks at least in this section and approximately 45-48 marks overall to be on a safer side.

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