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Questions Asked in LIC AAO Exam held on 11th May 2013 (Afternoon Session) - Review

mm readers, we have already published the review of LIC Exam LIC AAO Exam Morning Session. Now here is the review of afternoon session.
Five segments of the paper and

Numerical Ability Aptitude (30)

This section was relatively easy when compared with IBPS PO.  Questions include
•    1 question on simple interest
•    1 question on time and distance
•    1 on boats and streams
•    1 on profit and loss
•    A pie chart
•    5 questions of odd man out in series
•    10 simplifications

Reasoning Ability (30)

As usual this segment was a bit lengthy and time consuming.
•    Seating arrangement problem
•    Syllogisms
•    Decision making like consequences of an incident
•    Statements and conclusions

General Awareness (30)

This segment was very easy, not even to the standards of IBPS clerks.
Questions are like
•    Index of Bombay Stock Exchange ( they gave it as Mumbai Stock Exchange)
•    Fund allocated for women bank in the latest budget
•    Which of the following book is by ChetanBhagat etc.
•    Which is banker’s bank
•    Rashtriya Swasthya Bimayojna
•    A question on NABARD
•    Term not associated with cricket
•    Indian rupee is accepted in which of the following countries
•    5th BRICS Summit held at
•    Country which is not part of MIST
•    3-4 questions on Insurance

Test of Computers Knowledge (30)

It’s the easiest part of the exam. Many questions are related to storage devices (they even asked full form for CD ROM!!!!) and very basics of networking like
•    Which is not an input device (they gave speakers as option!!!)
•    First part of URL contains
•    Which is not an octane number

Test of English Language (40)

It’s also very easy as expected.
•    Paragraph
•    Idioms
•    Correction of sentences
•    Filling blanks in paragraph
•    Double blanks
•    Rearrangement of sentences

exam was very easy and what I found is, it’s less time consuming to write an online exam. All the best….
Reasoning was a bit time consuming, numerical aps section was kind of easy, but lot of time consuming because of so much cubic and square root probs and finding out the wrong no in the series. G.k was ok covering mostly the current affairs, only few questions from insurance. Computer section was easy and english also quite good. Overall we need time management to finish everything possible.

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