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Nouns - English Grammar Notes

Nouns - English Grammar Notes

English Grammar Parts Of Speech – Types of Nouns

Greetings experts! I am Swati Patil. I am here to help you learn English through my simple and descriptive modules. Enjoy Rapid learning.
In the series of IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam English Grammar notes, Today we are sharing notes for Noun.

I will bring you one module at a time and today’s module is Parts of Speech ( Noun and its types). My English Awareness series will help you crack various IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam as well as all Indian Govt. Jobs competitive examinations.

We have already discussed about common noun and proper noun in the previous article. Today let us discuss about the rest namely
  • Collective noun

  • Abstract noun

  • Countable noun

  • Uncountable noun

Collective Noun:
Nouns which are always represented in a collective form or as a group. These nouns are known as collective noun.

For example: take a look at this sentence…
He has a library of books in his study room.
Here library of books is referred as a singular and not plural. This is because a complete set of books is considered a single object.
Still confused, do not worry! Take a look at this example
I buy a sack of rice every month.
In this sentence, a sack of rice is taken as a single object. A sack may contain many rice grains but the entire sack is considered as a single entity.

Here are few examples of collective noun:
  • A school of fish
  • A pride of lions
  • A library of books
  • A crowd of people
  • A pack of cards
  • A bowl of rice
  • A galaxy of stars
  • A kennel of dogs
  • An army of ants
  • A crew of sailors
  • A bunch of musicians
  • A group of dancers
  • A tribe of natives
Abstract Noun:
Any noun which can not be seen but can be felt is known as Abstract noun. This noun is always represented in singular form. It mainly expresses intagiable things like feelings, ideals, concept and qualities. 

Examples of abstract noun are:
  • Idea
  • Air
  • Belief
  • Skill
  • Beauty
  • Bravery
  • Courage
  • Curiosity
  • Fear
  • Evil
  • Sophistication
  • Sensitivity
  • Talent
  • Tolerance
  • Trust
Have a look at this sentence…..
Beauty lies within a person’s heart.
Here the word beauty is the main subject of the sentence. Beauty can not be seen. It is an opinion which can differ from person to person.
Not sure yet! Sneak a peek at the following examples.
This is a dialogue from a famous movie franchise…Star Wars!!
May the force be with you.
Here the word force is an abstract noun because any force can only be felt and can not be seen.
Want another one…. Look at this line from Spiderman!
With great power comes great responsibility.
In this sentence words power and responsibility are abstract noun. Power is a state which can only be realised or felt but can not be seen and responsibility is a trait or quality of a human being.

Countable Noun:
Nouns like objects , people etc which we can count are countable nouns.
For example:
I have ten pencils in my house.
Here pencil is a countable noun.

Uncountable Noun:
Nouns which we can not count are known as uncountable nouns.
Here are few examples:
  • Bread
  • Rice
  • Sugar
  • Flour
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Butter
  • Honey
Note: Do not get confused between collective noun and countable noun. Collective nouns are words which are used to represent a group of people or animals or a collection of objects. It can either be countable or uncountable. But a noun is called a countable noun only when it can be specified as a number.

Noun for Bank PO and Clerk Exam : Revision Now with another way and Examples:


  • Proper Noun     : Name of specific person, place or thing.
  • Common Noun : Name of common things like  boys,chair,girls etc.
  • Collective Noun:Collection of some persons or things and represented as a singular noun.
                             Ex: class , army , herd , flight etc.
  • Abstract Noun   :Whom we cannot touch like happiness, sadness etc.
  • Materialistic Noun: From whom some thing is comprised of known as materialistic Noun.

Further classifications are:

Rule No: 1.

Uncountable Nouns

          There are some rules which are uncountable nouns.
  • We cannot measure uncountable nouns. like  '2 informations' wrong phrase.
  • We always use singular verb with uncountable nouns.
  • Plural of these words does not exist.
Some examples of uncountable nouns are:
Hair                       Scenery            Information                     Mischief                 Stuff
Advice                   Poetry              Evidence                         Luggage                 Jewellery
Furniture                Bread               Wood                              Wages                    Money
Machinery             Crockery           Cash                                Help                      Clothing
  • Children are prone to making mischiefs if they have nothing to do.[Correct:mischief]
  • I saw beautiful sceneries in painting exhibition.[Correct:scenery]
  • I ate three breads today.[Correct:bread or three slices of bread]
  •  .She gave two jeweleries.[Correct:Jewellery or a piece of jewellery]

Rule No: 2

There are some nouns which seem to be plural but are singular. 

Mathematics                     Statistics       Some Diseases:             Mesals               Mums                        
Physics                             Physics                                                Shingles             Rickets
Robotics                           Civics                                                  Diabetes
Mechanics                        Billiards       
  • News is coming on tv.
  • The morale of the army was high the news coming from the front were very encouraging.
  • 1st innings is going on.[Correct:Inning]
  • A 5 match series is being played between India and Australia in Melbourne.

Rule No: 3

              There are some nouns which to be singular but exists in plural so use plural verb with it.
Children                 Infantry
Politry                    Police
Gentry                    Cattle
Brethren                 People   
  • There was no Gentry in function.[Correct:were]
  • Police has been deployed all over the route.[Correct:have]
Gentry              : Group of Gentlemen
Infantry(Troop):Collection of soldiers

Rule No: 4

            There are some nouns which exists both in singular and plural form.Nature of verb depends upon sense of sentence and noun.
  • Team
  • Committee
  • Audience
  • Jury
  • House
  • Our team is the best team.
  • Our team are trying their new dresses today.
  • A committee is formed for the welfare of society. 
  • A committee were appointed for the welfare of society.

Rule No: 5

               There are some nouns which is to be plural , they also exist in form but cannot be converted into singular form.
Note: Always use singular verb with them untill they specified numerial.
scissors                      trousers                jeans                     pants,              shorts
spectacles                  socks                    remains                 scales             pliers
binoculars                  pincers                 pajamas                tights              tweezers
thanks                        congratulations     earnings              wages             savings 
  • A pair of spectacles have be bought by me.[Correct:has]
  • He read the letter and made aware of its contents.[Correct:content]
  • All the evidences were against and he was held guilty.[Correct:evidence,was]

Numerical Adjective Noun Case

       When in a sentence there is a numerical adjective with a noun,we cannot use the plural of that noun if after there is another noun.
Incorrect : He is a twenty years old boy.   [ In this sentence we cannot use  's' with 'year' because  after years there is a another noun 'boy'  ]                                                                              
Correct:He is a twenty year old boy.
  • The boy is twenty years old.
  • Twenty kms are a long distance.[Correct:is]
  • He walked twenty kms.
  • Twenty kms walk is a long distance.[Correct;km]
  • The five members deligation will call on the president.
Use of Apostrophe 's' : ('s)
        The Ram House of ram = Ram's house

Rule 1

1 Never use apostrophe with non-living like wood, table,chair etc.

2. We can use (" 's ") with nouns which not come in the category of living and non-living.
  • America's Problems
  • Nature's law
  • A meter's length 
  • A Kg's sugar
  • Ram and sham's house
  • I visited John's and Marry's house twice but found the couple absent.                                                                                                                                                   [Correct:John and Marry's]
  • His wife's secretary's mother has died.
In this sentence the structure of sentence is not correct.
Correct:Mother of his wife's secretary has died.


       Two apostrophe cannot come together in a single sentence.

Rule: 3

We can use ";" only with the words which are ended with 's'.
Ex: Kalidas' work
  • He was late and entered the female compartment in hurry. [Correct:Women's or ladies']
  • We reached the fare and found that there was no place to stand.[Correct:room]
OK. in the next article we are posting : Nouns - English Grammar Notes useful for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam. Read all General Exglish for Bank Exam in this section.

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