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LIC ADO Role and Salary Structure 2016

LIC ADO Role and Salary Structure 2016

Recently Life Insurance Corporation of India has released a notification for the recruitment of LIC Assistant Administrative Officer Notification 2016 for the year 2016. We have already published an article LIC AAO 2016: Notification FAQs for your most enquiry queries solutions. This vacancy has created quite a buzz in the students. We have constantly been recieving queries about the Roles and Responsibilities of AAO. In fact, many students wanted to know whether it is better than a Bank PO. Well the answer to this question depends from person to person and everyone has their own priorities. LIC is one of the pioneer organisation in the insurance sector and one of the largest NBFCs. So friends, this article covers every aspect that one should know before joining LIC as AAO.

What is AAO

AAO is the Assistant Administrative Officer. AAO can be posted anywhere in India where the company. AAO is the Head of the Department which they were allotted at the time of Joining. The name itself suggests that the role of AAO is administrative and they need to run their respective departments with other staff members. Other staff members include Assistants and Higher Grade Assistants. A person Joining as AAO is a Class I officer and this is the entry level officer job in Insurance Sector.
What are the Departments in LIC
Just like any other organization, LIC has different departments which deals with their respective issues. The departments include:
i. Claim
ii. New Business
iii. Sales
iv. Accounts
v. Policy Servicing
vi. Office Servicing
The above is the list of departments that one gets alotted once selected in LIC.
What can be the Future Prospects
Every organization has different ranks/designation in the hierarchy of the organizational structure. The promotion in LIC will be from time to time and there is no certification like JAIIB/CAIIB in insurance sector. So, what you need to do is wait for your turn to get the promotion after certain period of time. Below are the designations that one gets after getting promotion from AAO. Click on the above image to enlarge.
Payment Benefits and Other Emoluments
As per the notification, the basic salary of the AAO is Rs. 17240/-. The total in hand salary of AAO is Rs. 39,815/-. Before you decide anything, we would like to tell you that Payment Revision is pending and after revision the in hand salary will be Rs. 47,048/-. Apart from these, there is a discussion going on for 5 days working in the organization. So, this becomes another reason to join the organization.
So friends, no need to have a second thought for this kind of job. This might be an opportunity knocking your door. The exam will be in the month of March and you have a lot of time to prepare for the exam. This kind of opportunity comes once in an year and this is the time to go for it.

Article credit : By Swati Patil.

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