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LIC AAO Exam held on 11th May 2013 Review (Morning Session)

Dear mm readers. here we are giving a short review on (11-05-2013) LIC AAO Exam (Morning Section). The difficult part of the overall paper was Aptitude. Remaining sectiosn are easier.
Reasoning :
Reasoning moderate paper.....Puzzle is tough.....
4 peple sitting opp and from different occupatation type
5 qu on sylloism....3 statement two conc type.....
6-7 qu on enequality....mostly either or
3 on blood relation
... 5 on giving data in two statement.....find are they able to get answer or not
2 on statement assumption
5 on puzzle
3 on rankink..........ok thats about reasonong....moderate tough do puzzle in last

Aptitude :
.....jaan nikal di
1 DI ka qu tha 5 qu based....mast calculation

5 on approximation easy
5 on series....find wrong one....i am able to do 2 only
5 on exact calculation.....damn tough....can not apply dr cause 3,6 or 9 is comming
reaning on time wrk speed time distance si and ci but calculation jyda thi
overall 21 kiye...

GK and Current Affairs :
current affairs 10-15
rates related but twisted 4 to 5
insurance 3-4
overall not easy i would say
cop easy normal ibps clerk type qu 27 aaempted

Some questions asked in GK Section are

---which type of risk when bank unable to pay liability?(credit risk)
----bank can take ur lic docs for guarantee what is this called?
---rajiv gandhi eq scheme
---asha health workers
----which is a currency (peso)?
--- with which country israel arrow 3 missile?
----space agency of us(nasa)
----author of lolita
---which is given by goi?(arjuna award)
---which term related with lawn tennis(backhand drive)...related with insurance( risk)....
----which is not an insurance company in india?(ashok leyland)
-----with which company one power plant is setting up in gujraj recently?
----10% sercharge on income tax(for 100

English :
1 paragraph 10 qu
5 idoms
5 spotting error
5 double blank
5 grammer correction

Computer Knowledge 
Questions asked in Computer Knowledge section are
----which one is output device?
----not an hardware(interpreter)
---capacity of hard driveis called(storage capacity)
---who coordinates with microprocessor(ram)
---strength of ms excel is calculated in terms of (formula)
----which term related with internet(search engine)
----first computer was developed with which lang(machine lang)
---where we insert disk in computer(disk drive)
---which is related with modem(telephone line)
---which is not binary digit(2020)
---when u connect number of comps it called( network)
Overall paper is moderate..... you can score in reasonong
Normally total Attempts by candidates 134
maths 19
gk 23
comp 27
eng 35

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