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Presenting to you some questions on Computer for the upcoming IBPS SPECIALIST OFFICER EXAM, keeping in trend with the types of question asked in last years. Read our all Computer quiz for IBPS PO/SO and Clerk Exam.

1. Suppose you want to delete the name that occurs before “Vivek” in an alphabetical listing. Which of the following data structures shall be most efficient for this operation?
(a) Circular linked list   
(b) doubly linked list     
(c) linked list   
(d) Dequeue

2. A thread is usually defined as a light weight process because an operating system (OS) maintains smaller data structure for a thread than for a process. In relation to this, which of the following statement is correct?
(a) OS maintains only scheduling and accounting information for each thread
(b) OS maintains only CPU registers for each thread
(c) OS does not maintain a separate stack for each thread
(d) OS does not maintain virtual memory state for each thread

3. Which one of the following set of gates is best suited for ‘parity’ checking and ‘parity’ generation?
(a) AND, OR, NOT   
(b) NAND, NOR   
(c) EX-OR, EX-NOR     
(d) AND, XOR

4. Start and stop bits are used in serial communications for
(a) Error detection   
(b) Error correction
(c) Synchronization   
(d) Slowing down the communication

5. For a data entry project for office staff who have never used computers before (user interface and user-friendliness are extremely important), one will use
(a) Spiral model   
(b) Component based model
(c) Prototyping   
(d) Waterfall model

6. An SRS       
(a) establishes the basis for agreement between client and the supplier
(b) provides a reference for validation of the final product
(c) is a prerequisite to high quality software
(d) All of the above     
7. The SQL Expression   
Select distinct T. batch name from branch T, branch S where T. assets > S. assets and S. branch-city = DELHI, find the name of
(a) all branches that have greater asset than any branch located in DELHI
(b) all branches that have greater assets than allocated in DELHI
(c) the branch that has the greatest asset in DELHI
(d) any branch that has greater asset than any branch located in DELHI

8. Dijkestra banking algorithm in an operating system, solves the problem of
(a) deadlock avoidance     
(b) deadlock recovery
(c) mutual exclusion   
(d) context switching

9. The multiuser operating system, 20 requests are made to use a particular resource per hour, on an average the probability that no request are made in 45 minutes is
(a) e-15   
(b) e-5   
(c) 1 – e-5   
(d) 1 – e-10

10. On receiving an interrupt from an I/O device, the CPU
(a) halts for predetermined time
(b) branches off to the interrupt service after completion of the current instruction
(c) branches off two the interrupt service routine immediately
(d) hands over control of address bus and data bus to the interrupting device

11. The number of bits required for an IBV6 address is
(a) 16   
(b) 32   
(c) 64   
(d) 128

12. Which data structure is needed to convert infix notation to post-fix notation?
(a) Branch   
(b) Queue   
(c) Tree   
(d) Stack

13. Which of the following statement is not true in context of strings in C language?
(a) It is array of characters   
(b) Last character of character array is always ‘10’
(c) C inserts the null character automatically   
(d) Any string in C can be read by the function get char ‘0’

14. When simplified with Boolean Algebra (x + y)(x + z) simplifies to
(a) x       
(b) x + x(y + z)
(c) x(1 + yz)   
(d) x + yz     

15. Which of the following is the fastest logic
(a) TTL   
(b) ECL   
(c) CMOS   
(d) LSI

16. Which of the following table helps in representing the previous and next state of the sequential circuit prior to and after the clock pulse respectively?
(a) Truth table   
(b) Characteristics table   
(c) excitation table     
(d) both (a) and (b)
17. CIDR (Classless Inter domain Routing)-
(a) It is used in Class C networks     
(b) It is used in Class B networks
(c) It is in Class A networks   
(d) All of the above

18. Internal auditors should review data system design before they are –
(a) Developed   
(b) Implemented   
(c) Modified   
(d) All of the above

19. A program that places programs into main memory and prepares them for execution –
(a) Linker   
(b) Assembler   
(c) Loader   
(d) Absolute entity

20. Which languages has recently become the defector standard for interfacing application programs with relational database system?
(a) Oracle   
(b) SQL   
(c) Dbase   
(d) 4GL

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