Thursday, 17 December 2015

Important Idioms And Phrases

We have selected these Idioms and Phrases for maximum usefulness. All these have appeared in recent years in different exams. it can be helpful in upcoming exams

  Q.1.       An eye for an eye
Meaning: Punishment as severe as the crime or injury
Example: In some countries punishment still follows the principle of an eye for an eye.
Q.2.       In the eyes of law
Meaning: From the legal viewpoint
Example: In the eyes of law your second marriage is illegal.

Q.3.       See eye to eye
Meaning: To agree
Example: I can’t see eye to eye with you on this issue.
Q.4.       In the mind’s eye
Meaning: In imagination
Example: The poet sees even distant things clearly in the mind’s eye.
Q.5.       Pull a long face
Meaning: To look sad
Example: He pulled a long face at not being taken to the cinema.
Q.6.       Face the music
Meaning: To be ready to face the consequences
Example: If I have committed the mistake, I must face the music.
Q.7.       Take a fancy to
Meaning: Like someone
Example: He has taken a strong fancy to his new pet dog.
Q.8.       Come into fashion
Meaning: become fashionable
Example: High heels have come into fashion again.
Q.9.       Play fast and loose
Meaning: To change one’s attitude towards someone often
Example: He played fast and loose with his girl friend.
Q.10.   A feather in one’s cap
Meaning: An achievement to be proud of
Example: The successful launching of a father and you can find them at the races every day.

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