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Important Idioms And Phrases Part - II

Idioms and Phrases for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam

Dear mm experts, you know we have already posted an article :
  • Crack Guide for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam
  • and now this time we are in updated article Cracking IBPS PO or Clerk Exam. You know that these exams are not easy to crack but if you try with a way to prepare our study notes and quizzes in planning manner then you can get your dream target. So we can occur our target aim. In this article we are posting some important Idioms And Phrases for your better English Test IBPS Exam preparation.
    1. Armed and dangerous : Carrying a weapon and likely to use it to harm and kill others.
    2. Armed to the teeth : Heavily armed.

    3. Arm-twisting : To apply pressure on someone to get him to do something we want.
    4. Around the bend : Gone mad.
    5. Around the clock : Twenty-four hours a day continuously.
    6. Artsy-crafty : Having to do with arts and handicrafts.
    7. As a last resort : A last attempt after everything else has failed.
    8. As a rule : Normally, generally, most of the time.
    9. As clear as black and white : Clearly obvious contrasting opposites.
    10. As if that were not enough : To commit another bad action, as if former bad deeds weren’t enough.
    11. As if there were no tomorrow : Living-it-up and acting as though today were your last day to enjoy.
    12. As the crow flies : In a straight line.
    13. As thick as thieves : People acting with hidden intentions and motives.
    14. As tough as nails : Tough.
    15. Asking for trouble : Doing something that will likely get you onto trouble.
    16. As fit as a fiddle : Strong and healthy
    17. Assume airs : To pretend superiority.
    18. At a moment’s notice : Immediately,the moment someone is informed.
    19. At a loss : To be unable to decide.
    20. At a pinch : In a trouble.
    21. At a stone’s throw : At a little distance
    22. At arm’s length : Avoid becoming too friendly.
    23. At an impasse : At a point where further progress /mutual understanding is impossible.
    24. At daggers drawn : To have bitter enmity
    25. At cross-purposes : Striving for opposite goals

    26. At death’s door : About to die.
    27. At ease : Free from pain, trouble and anxiety.
    28. At large : Absconding.
    29. At loggerheads : Cannot compromise and come to an agreement.
    30. At loose ends : With time on your hands and nothing to do.

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