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Important Highlights of Census 2011

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You know General Awareness and General Knowledge section most important for every Govt. job exams. We have already posted an article about India Census 2011 Highlights For Bank Exam and now we are posting second article about India Census 2011. Every exam Question Paper Setter and our expert mm readers analysis that India Census 2011 topic is also must for every IBPS Bank PO and Clerk with all recent Bank and govt. job in India. So here are a India Census Summary Data show for your better preparation. Read and enjoy.!! Team MM.

1) The population of the country as per the provisional figures of Census2011 is 1210.19 million of which 623.7 million (51.54%) are males and586.46 million (48.46%) are females. 

The major highlights of the Census 2011 (Provisional figures) are as under: 
*The population of India has increased by more than 181 million during the decade 2001-2011.

2)%age growth in 2001-2011 is 17.64;   males 17.19 and females 18.12.
*2001-2011 is the first decade (with the exception of 1911-1921---GREAT DEPRESSION) which has actually added lesser population compared to the previous decade.

3)Uttar Pradesh (199.5 million) is the most populous State in the country followed by Maharashtra with 112 million.

Some of the important highlights
Slogan - Our census, Our Future 
India's 1st Census - 1872 
2011 Census is - 15th Census 
Total Population - 1,21,01,93,422 
India's Rank in population - 2nd with 17.5% (1st China with 19%) 
Most Populous State - Uttar Pradesh 
Least Populous State - Sikkim 
Most Literate State - Kerala (93.9%) 
Least Literate State - Bihar (63.82%) 
National Sex Ratio - Female : Male (940 : 1000) 
Highest Sex Ratio (State) - Kerala (1084 : 1000) 
Lowest Sex Ratio (State) - Haryana 
Highest Sex Ratio (UT) - Puducherry 
Least Sex Ratio (UT) - Damn & Dayyu (61 : 1000) 
Literacy of Male - 82.14% 
Literacy of Female - 65.46%
Population Growth Rate - 17.64% 
Highest fertility Rate - Meghalaya 
Most literate union territory - Lakshadweep (92.2%) 
Least literate Union Territory - Dadra Nagar & Haweli 
Most Literate District - Serechhip (Mizoram) 
Least Literate District - Dadra Naga & Haveli 
Highest Density of Population - Bihar (1102 
Lowest Density of Population - Arunachal Pradesh (17) 
Total number of districts - 640 
Highest Populous District - Thane (Mumbai) 
100% Literacy District - Palakkad (Kerala) 
100% Banking State - Kerala 
100% Banking District - Palakkad (Kerala) 
Density of Population in India - 382 sq. km 
Increase in population (during 2001-2011) - 181 million


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