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SBI Clerk Marketing and Computer Paper - Set 2

IBPS Q.ID 21. Cross-selling covers
a) Identifying customer needs
b) Matching the products to customer needs
c) Convincing the customers of product benefits
d) Responding to questions and objections of customers
e) All of these

IBPS Q.ID 22. A prospect means
a) Any customer who walks into the bank
b) An employee of a bank
c) A customer who is likely to be interested in bank’s product or service
d) A depositor of the bank
e) A borrower of the bank

IBPS Q.ID 23. The advantages of telephone interview are
a) Relatively low cost per interview
b) Good for reaching important people who are inaccessible
c) Securing co-operation which is not always possible
d) All of these
e) Only (1) and (2)

IBPS Q.ID 24. The best advertisement is
a) Glow sign boards               
b) On internet                        
c) TV, Media
d) Print Media                        
e) A satisfied customer

IBPS Q.ID 25. Acid test of a brand is
a) Brand preference               
b) Brand awareness               
c) Brand acceptability
d) Brand loyalty                     
e) Brand equity

IBPS Q.ID 26. The creation of Utility “concept was propounded by”
a) FE Clark                            
b) Paul Mazur                        
c) Richard Buskirk      
d) Peter F Drucker                 
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 27. “The delivery of standard of living” concept was propounded by
a) Richard Buskirk                 
b) Paul Mazur                        
c) FE Clark   
d) Peter F Drucker                 
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 28. “Middlemen are nothing but social parasites and the sooner they are eliminated the better for society.” This statement is related to
a) Advantages of middlemen
b) Disadvantages caused to consumers due to middlemen
c) Disadvantages caused to producers
d) Disadvantages caused to government regulations
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 29. A situation in which consumer purchases are unplanned is called
a) Irregular demand               
b) Unwholesome buying                    
c) Impulse buying
d) latent demand                    
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 30. The factor(s) which affect(s) product mix is/are
a) Changes in market demand
b) Production capacity
c) Marketing capacity
d) All the above
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 31. Credit cards are used for
a) Cash withdrawls   
b) Purchase of air tickets      
c) Purchase of consumable items from retail outlets 
d) All of these
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 32. ATMs are
a) Branches of banks
b) Manned counter of banks 
c) Unmanned cash dispensers
d) All of these
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 33. Marketing is successful when
a) Demand exceeds supply
b) Supply exceeds demand
c) Exports are heavy and costly
d) Salesmen are effectively trained
e) All the above situations

IBPS Q.ID 34. In Marketing, market penetration means
a) Entering likely purchasers houses
b) Entering stores and shops
c) Covering a wide area of the market
d) All the above
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 35. Innovation in marketing helps in
a) Designing new products    
b) Improving marketing functions    
c) Increasing sales
d) New methods for increasing prospects
e) All the above

IBPS Q.ID 36. Product mix means
a) Distributing a mix of products
b) Collecting ideas to sell better
c) Satisfying the customers
d) Bundle of products required by the customer
e) Various products designed by the company

IBPS Q.ID 37. Selling skills are judged by
a) Number of goods sold
b) Amount of profit earned
c) Number of customers converted
d) All the above
e) None of these

IBPS Q.ID 38. I understand marketing as
a) Only a process of selling
b) Meeting human and social needs profitable
c) Focusing on customers
d) Focusing only on producing goods/services
e) Only (2) and (3)

IBPS Q.ID 39. For a financial organization like bank, MIS means
a) Middle income scheme
b) Management information system
c) Management of information & science
d) Marketing information system
e) Only (2) and (4)

IBPS Q.ID 40. The balance sheet of an organization gives information regarding
a) Result of operations for a particular period
b) The financial position as on a particular date
c) The operating efficie4ncy of the firm
d) Financial position during a particular period
e) The operating health of the firm

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