Monday, 14 December 2015

IBPS PO & Clerk Reasoning Syllogism Practice Quiz 81

mm readers you know! you are in IBPS MCQs ocean place. Syllogism Questions are very important in Reasoning MCQs Section every competitive examination. This set is based on questions on a given set of information, which are to be solved on basis of 7 rules. We will be updating you with all type of syllogism Questions on a daily basis. Practice more and more for better IBPS Test preparation.

Directions—(Q. 1–5) In questions given below, statements 1 and 2 are followed by conclusions I and II. Taking the statements to be right although they may seem at variance with commonly accepted facts, mark your answers as under—
(A) If only conclusion I follows.
(B) If only conclusion II follows.
(C) If both I and II follows.
(D) Neither I nor II follows.

Q.1. Statements :
1. All hands are machines.
2. All machines are wheels.
Conclusions :
I. All wheels are hands.
II. All hands are wheels.

Q.2. Statements :
1. Some buds are leaves.
2. Some leaves are red.
Conclusions :
I. Some buds are red.
II. Some leaves are not buds.

Q.3. Statements :
1. Some stones are shells.
2. All shells are pearls.
Conclusions :
I. Some stones are pearls.
II. All pearls are shells.

Q.4. Statements :
1. Brown is red and blue is green.
2. Green is pink and yellow is red.
Conclusions :
I. Yellow is brown.
II. Pink is blue.

Q.5. Statements :
1. Merchants who do not own cars do not have bicycles either.
2. Those who do not have bicycles have tricycles.
Conclusions :
I. Some merchants have only tricycles.
II. No one has both, the car and the tricycles.

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