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IBPS PO and Clerk Exam : Marketing Awareness Quiz 18

Dear mm experts, In this post we are posting some Expected Important Marketing Awareness Questions. This material is based on general marketing awareness questions. Marketing questions are important for IBPS specialist exams and for SBI SO.

Q.1. Setting the promotion budget so as to match the budgets of the competition is characteristic of which of the following budget methods?
(a) Affordable method
(b) Percentage-of-Sales method
(c) Competitive-and-parity method
(d) Objective -and-task method
(e) None of These

Q.2.____ is screening new-product ideas in order to spot good ideas and drop poor ones as soon as possible.
(a) Idea generation
(b) Concept development and testing
(c) Idea screening
(d) Brainstorming
(e) None of These

Q.3.The type of sales force structure in which the sales force sells along product lines is called a
(a) territorial sales force
(b) product sales force
(c) customer sales force
(d) retail sales force
(e) None of These

Q.4.A company is in the _____ stage of the new product development process when the company develops the product concept into a physical product in order to assure that the product idea can be turned into a workable product.
(a) product development
(b) commercialization
(c) marketing strategy
(d) business analysis
(e) None of These

Q.5.When personal interviewing involves inviting six to ten people to gather for a few hours with a trained interviewer to talk about a product, service, or organization, the method is called:
(a) selective sponsorship
(b) probing
(c) focus group interviewing
(d) the Delphi method
(e) None of These

Q.6.All of the following factors can affect the attractiveness of a market segment
(a) the presence of many strong and aggressive competitors
(b) the likelihood of government monitoring
(c) actual or potential substitute products
(d) the power of buyers in the segment
(e) None of These

Q.7.If a government uses barriers to foreign products such as biases against a foreign company’s bids, or product standards that go against a foreign company’s product features, the government is using
(a) protectionism
(b) exchange controls
(c) exchange facilitators
(d) non-tariff trade barriers
(e) None of These

Q.8.The choice between high markups and high volume is part of which of the following retailer marketing decisions?
(a) Target market decisions
(b) Product assortment and services decisions
(c) Pricing decisions
(d) Promotion decisions
(e) None of These

Q.9.One common misuse of marketing research findings in contemporary business is the tendency for marketing research to:
(a) become a vehicle for pitching the sponsor’s products
(b) become a vehicle for discriminating in the marketplace
(c) become a means for raising prices
(d) become a means for unfair competition
(e) None of These

Q.10.The most logical budget setting method is found in the list below. Which is it?
(a) Affordable method
(b) Percentage-of-Sales method
(c) Competitive-parity method
(d) Objective-and-task method
(e) None of These

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