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IBPS PO and Clerk Exam : Idioms and Phrases

Important IBPS PO and Clerk Exam 

English : Idioms and Phrases

1. Against all odds : Little chances.
2. Against the current : Trying to go against the common opinion.
3. Against the stream : Opposite to the natural flow of things.

4. Ahead of time : Before the set time.
5. Ahead of his times : Too advanced in his thinking for the people of his own period.
6. Aid-and-abet :  Conspire with.
7. Air of pretension : Pretending to be or trying to appear to be better than you really are.
8. Air your opinion : Say openly what you think.
9. Alarmist tactics : To use the strategy of making people afraid in order to provoke them.
10. All boils down to:  In the final analysis ;To put it simply.
11. All brawn and no brain : Big and strong and muscular but not very intelligent.
12. All by myself : Alone.
13. All ears : Ready to listen.
14. All fingers and thumbs : Clumsy
15. All in a day’s work : What is expected of you in the performance of your daily routine as job.
16. All in one piece : Uninjured; unharmed; undamaged.
17. All in your mind : All in your head ; illusory; imaginary.
18. All on your Own : Alone.
19. All set to go :  Prepared and ready to begin.
20. All the difference in the world : No comparison; totally different.
21. All the time in the world : Taking time to do something as if there were no need to hurry.
22. All washed-up : Ruined with no hope of recovery; having lost everything.
23. All-out-effort :  Try your maximum-best.
24. Allow nature to take its course : Let the natural flow of nature continue.
25. Almost there : Near to reaching the goal.
26. Along the beaten track : Following along the same path in life that everybody else takes.
27. Along the way : In the course of events of life.
28. Always on the go : Never stopping.
29. Ambivalent attitude : Unsure.
30. Amble along : Stroll and wander along your way.

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