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IBPS IT Officer Exam- Datastage Quiz

IBPS IT Officer Exam- Datastage Quiz

IBPS (SO) I.T.Officer 2016 Exam

Hi mm experts, here is the Advance Level Data Base Questions and Answers for IBPS I.T.Officer Professional Knowledge Test for 2016 Exam

Q.1. What does JCL stands for?
Ans. Job Control Language

Q.2. Process where hardware resources are shared by processor called?
Ans. Symmetric Multiprocessing

Q.3. APT_CONFIG variable can identify which files ?
Ans. *.apt

Q.4. Which type is not used for lookups in data stage?
Ans. (Not Used - Dynamic Lookup) (Used - Normal Lookup, Sparse Lookup)

Q.5. In data stage, the repository is another name for a data warehouse?
Ans. Yes

Q.6. Which function is used to convert formats from one format to another?
Ans. IConv ()

Q.7. How do you find the number of rows in a sequential file?

Q.8. What does not contain information for more than one year?
Ans. Operational Datastage

Q.9. NLS stands for?
Ans.National Language Support

Q.10. Name the third party tool that can be NOT Used in data stage?
Ans. DataStage Director

Q.11. Which hash file is used to when limited amount of data is to be loaded in the target database?
Ans. Static Hash File

Q.12. Which is type of view in data stage director?
Ans. Status View

Q.13. Which command is used to execute datastage job from command line prompt?
Ans. dsjob

Q.14. Which type is not used for Container?
Ans. Static Container

Q.15. Which type of job is not used in datastage?
Ans. Local Job

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