Monday, 21 December 2015

IBPS Computer Awareness IT Officer Exam Quiz – 116

Model Questions and Answers Quiz Mock Test
IBPS Computer Awareness MCQs IT Officer Exam
Also useful for IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2015

1. What is the host IP of a system having the IP address
(a) 192(c) 0.0.10
(b) 0.10(d) 192.0
2. Which of the following TCP/IP protocol is used for remote terminal connection service?
(a) TELNET.(c) FTP.
(b) RARP.(d) UDP.
3. The protocol used for transferring files from one system to another is _________.
(a) TELNET.(c) FTP.
(b) RARP.(d) UDP.
4. A band is always equivalent to __________.
(a) a byte.(c) 100 bits.
(b) a bit.(d) 1000 bits.
5. The TCP/IP protocol used for file transfer with minimal capability and minimal overhead _______.
(a) RARP.(c) TFTP.
(b) FTP.(d) TELNET.
6. What destination address can be used to send a packet from a host with IP address to all hosts on the network?
(b) 1.2.3.
7. A packet sent from a node at to a node at requires a _______ destination address.
(a) Unicast.(c) Multicast.
(b) Broadcast.(d) Synchronous
8. Which of the following program is used to copy files to or from another UNIX timesharing system over a single link?
(a) VMTP.(c) UUCP.
(b) TFTP.(d) UART.
9. Which transmission mode is used for data communication along telephone lines?
(a) Parallel.(c) Synchronous.
(b) Serial.(d) Asynchronous.
10. Which of the following device copies electrical signals from one Ethernet to another?
(a) Bridge.(c) Hub.
(b) Repeater.(d) Passive hub.
11. A machine that connects to two or more electronic mail systems and transfers mail messages among them is known as _________.
(a) gateways.(c) bridges.
(b) mail gateway.(d) user agent.
12. What is the usual number of bits transmitted in parallel data transmission used by micro computers?
(a) 16(c) 9
(b) 8(d) 4
13. What are the most commonly used transmission speeds in BPS used in data communication?
(a) 300.(c) 1200.
(b) 2400.(d) 9600.
14. Many large organization with their offices in different countries of the world connect their computers through telecommunication satellites and telephone lines. Such communication network is called _________.
(a) LAN.(c) ECONET.
15. What is the minimum number of wires required for sending data over a serial communications links?
(a) 2(c) 4
(b) 1(d) 3
16. Working of the WAN generally does not involve ________.
(a) telephone lines.(c) satellites.
(b) microwaves.(d) all of the above.
17. A private network with 300 computers wants to use a netid reserved by the internet authorities. What is a good net id choice?
(a) 10.0.0.(c) 172.16.
(b) 192.68.0.(d) 0.0.0.
18. The view of total database content is
(a) Conceptual view.(c) External view.
(b) Internal view.(d) Physical View.
19. Cartesian product in relational algebra is
(a) A Unary operator.(c) A Ternary operator.
(b) A Binary operator.(d) Not defined.
20. DML is provided for
(a) Description of logical structure of database.(b) Addition of new structures in the database system.
(c) Manipulation & processing of database.(d) None of these

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