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IBPS Clerk Mains: Banking Awareness Quiz 51

 IBPS Clerk Mains: Banking Awareness Quiz Questions and Answers for Bank Exam
Q.1. Statutory Liquidity Ratio means :-
(1) the maximum percentage of demand and time liabilities upto which bank can extend the advances
(2) maintenance of liquid assets by banks in the form of cash, gold and unencumbered approved securities equal to not less than 25 of their total demand and time deposit liabilities under the provisions of section 24 of Banking Regulation Act 
(3) to keep liquid cash 
(4) none of the above
(5) all of the above.
Q.2. Indian Financial Network [INFINET] is the :-
(1) communication backbone for the Indian Banking and Financial sector
(2) association of the employers of the banking and financial sector
(3) closed user group network of SBI and its subsidiaries 
(4) all of the above 
(5) None of the above

Q.3. To restrict expansion of credit, the Reserve Bank :-
(1) raises the bank rate
(2) reduces the bank rate 
(3) freezes the bank rate
(4) none of these
(5)all of these.

Q.4. Bank rate policy, open market operations, variable reserve requirements and statutory liquidity requirements as measures of credit control are classified as :-
(1) quantitative methods 
(2) qualitative methods 
(3) weighted average method 
(4) both 1 and 2 
(5) none of the above .

Q.5. Which of the following fall under the qualitative method of credit control adopted by Reserve bank of India:-
(1) Selective credit control 
(2) Moral suasion 
(3) Credit authorization scheme 
(4) all of the above 
(5) none of the above.

Q.6. By crossing we mean :-
(1) two horizontal lines on a cheque 
(2) one straight line across the cheque 
(3) two lines across the cheque making ‘X’ 
(4) two transverse parallel lines on a cheque 
(5) none of the above .

Q.7. The following are main objectives of the SEBI :-
(1) to protect interest of investors 
(2) to promote the development of security market 
(3) to regulate the security market 
(4) all of the above 
(5) none of the above .

Q.8. Capital market can be divided into:-
(1) industrial securities market
(2) gilt edged market 
(3) personal securities market 
(4) both 1 and 2
(5) none of the above .

Q.9. Which of the following is correct statement in respect of debit cards :- 
(1) Debit card facility is provided to those having savings bank account/current account accounts of individuals, firms and cooperates 
(2) This facility is not extended to cash credit/loan account holders
(3) debit card is issued to all the persons who visit the branch 
(4) 1 and 2 
(5) all of the above .

Q.10. What are the facilities available to the customers through ATM :- 
(1) Cash withdrawal subject to a predetermined limit per day 
(2) Cash deposit 
(3) Balance enquiry 
(4) details of certain number of transactions 
(5) all of the above.
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