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IBPS Clerk Exam Preparation – 5 Important Tips for IBPS Clerk Mains

I am Ravindra Pathak. I have written many articles on IBPS Clerk Exam Preparation but this article is somewhat different. For the benefit of my students I am writing this article just before the IBPS clerk main examination. This article is focused on preparation of IBPS Clerk Main Examination. IBPS clerk Main Examination is going to be held shortly and it is expected that more than 2 lacs candidates will appear in this exam.

You must bear in mind that now the competition will be among the selected lot. All those appearing in the IBPS Mains are well prepared students. All of the students have already cleared the first hurdle of preliminary examination. So it is obvious that they have attained a certain level.

Therefore now the competition will intensify. It is very important for all of you to focus even more. These last few days preparation can change your result. Further, apart from usual IBPS clerk exam preparation there are a few things which you should also bear in mind. These things or tips will give you an edge over others. Please remember in competitive exam such as this, even a fraction of mark will matter.

Last year many of my students failed to qualify just because of fraction of mark. So, I don’t want to happen it with any of you.  I know that pain of failure always hurts. Those who will not be able to qualify will have to wait for one year to apply again for next year`s clerk recruitment. Hence clearing it in the first attempt should be the priority for all of you. My view is that you should give your best shot and hope for the best. Even after giving your best if you fail to qualify than there is no reason to be disappointed.

IBPS Clerk Exam Preparation

Now I would like to tell you about 5 important tips which you should follow while preparing for IBPS Clerk Main Examination. In my view for those students who are unable to manage under noted points, it becomes difficult to qualify the exam, even after best preparation. Therefore you should focus on these points while doing IBPS clerk exam preparation.

Time Management – Manage your Time Well
IBPS Clerk exam is an exam where time management is so crucial. There are many students who are very well prepared but they do not qualify as they do not manage their time well. At the same time many ordinary students qualify just by managing their time well.

Now the question arises ‘What is Time Management’? In the perspective of IBPS Clerk Main Exam, time management is nothing but having a balanced approach. Your approach should be to perform well in all the sections. At the same time skipping difficult questions is also very important. Do not waste your time on any single question if it appears difficult or time taking.
In my view you should start with sections which take lesser time such as general awareness, computer awareness and English. Try to cover these sections quickly and then focus on sections such as QA and Reasoning.

Save some time for the review and attempt questions which you have left earlier during this time.
Balance approach is very important and you should try to perform in all the sections if you really want to qualify.

I must also tell you that not doing proper Time Management is one of the biggest reasons for many failures in previous IBPS clerk exams. Many candidates are not able to attempt the entire paper and have to walk out of the hall leaving one or two sections of the question paper.

Understand the exam pattern well and your first aim should be to clear sectional cut off.

Tackle Negative Marking 
You must be aware that in bank exams there is a provision of 1/4th negative marking. It means that if you attempt 4 wrong questions, your 1 mark will be deducted. I have seen many students that they start making wild guesses during the exam. Best approach is to attempt question on which you are sure. You can take chance but only to a certain extent. For example if you are even 60-70% sure about any question then you can take chance. But making wild guesses will not be of any use. It can even spoil your chances of selection.

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Thanks Ravindra Pathak. Team MM. 

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