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IBPS Clerk Exam Mains:Computer Quiz Mock Test 93

IBPS Clerk Exam Mains:Computer Quiz Mock Test

Hello mm expert. Welcome to Online Part -II Computer Quiz in Here we are creating quiz covering important topics in computer awareness, which is common for all the SBI/IBPS/LDC exams and other competitive exams. We have included questions that are repeatedly asked in many bank exams !!!

Q.1. Which of the following systems mimics human thinking?
a) Artificial intelligence
b) Intelligent agent
c) Bot
d) None of these

Q.2. What is the name of the program used by the Environmental Protection Agency to denote an appliance meets environmentally-safe regulations?
a) Energy Star
b) Energetics
c) Efficient Appliance Compliance
d) None of these

Q.3. An IPO chart consists of __________ columns.
a) three
b) four
c) five
d) None of these

Q.4. SIM means_______
a) Speed In Mobile
b) Special Identity Module
c) Subscriber Identity Module
d) None of These

Q.5. A series of steps that always results in an answer is the definition of __________.
a) heuristic
b) flowchart
c) algorithm
d) None of these

Q.6. __________ are built around special program flow constructs called conditional statements.
a) Selection structures
b) Sequence structure
c) Repetition structures
d) None of these

Q.7. Which of the following systems would be used for geocaching?
a) Genetic algorithm
b) Intelligent agent
c) Geographical information system
d) None of these

Q.8. Cable TV network is example of_________
a) MAN
b) LAN
c) VAN
d) None of These

Q.9. ROM stands for_________
a) Read Operating Memory
b) Random Oriented Memory
c) Read Only Memory
d) None of These

Q.10.Which AI system provides a diagnosis to a specific problem?
a) Intelligent agent
b) Expert system
c) Geographical information system
d) None of these

Most important IBPS Computer Knowledge and Awareness Questions and Answers. Free Computer Knowledge Mock Test Quiz Online

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