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IBPS Clerk Exam : Computer Syllabus and Notes pdf

IBPS Clerk Exam : Computer Syllabus and Notes pdf

IBPS Clerk Mains exam 2015 is going to held on first week of January 2015. Computer Awareness section caries 40 and it can be the gamer maker. It's really easy to score high marks in this section.
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Sr. No. Topic Description
1 History of computers various generations of computers
Computer measurement units
2 Introduction of computer Meaning, Functions, Input, processing, Output and various types of computer
3 Basics of Hardware and software Meaning of hardware and software, external Hardware, internal hardware and motherboard. Types of software
4 Input/Output Devices Types of inputs and outputs devices
5 Number System Decimal number system, Binary number system, Octal number system and Hexadecimal number system
6 Operating System basics Meaning, Functions and types of Operating Sytem
7 Basic Internet Knowledge and Protocol History of internet, web Browsers and how its works, Services of Internet and term of Internet
8 Basic Functionalities of MS-Office (MS-word, Excel, PowerPoint) Functions of Various tools and bars of MS-Office (word, Excel and Power point)
9 Networking and communication Computer Networks basics, Network Architecture, IP Address, Network Application, Types of Networks and Network Topology
10 Database basics Meaning of DBMS, types of data base organization, Components of DBMS System, Functions and Database language
11 Computer Memory and storage device RAM, Virtual Memory, ROM, CMOS and various storage devices (read computer memory types)
12 Computer Shortcuts Key Dialog Box Keyboard and ms word Shortcuts and general Shortcuts etc (read ms excel shortcut)
13 Computer abbreviation and various Computer Software Extensions Common File Extensions, Audio Extensions, Video Extensions, Image Extensions, Web & Internet Extensions, Text Files Extensions, Computer Abbreviations

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