Saturday, 19 December 2015

IBPS Clerk Exam Computer Awareness Quiz-99

IBPS Clerk Exam Computer Awareness Quiz

Expected Computer Awareness questions answers (mcq) for techincal aptitude for IBPS PO IT Officer Exam , MT Exam, Bank PO, Clerk, SBI, RBI, CLAT, CTET and other competitive exams.

Q 1. What is the full form of ADSL ?
[A] Automatic Digital Subscriber Line
[B] Asymmetric Direct Subscriber Line
[C] Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
[D] None of these

Q 2. Which among the following key is used for checking grammar and spelling?
[A] F3
[B] F5
[C]  F7
[D] None of these

Q 3. An Autoresponder is a_______on mail server that automatically replies to e-mails ?
[A] command
[B] software
[C] program
[D] None of these

Q 4. DDL is used to define the structure of a database, including the tables, columns, and data types that it contains. Its full form is ?
[A] Data Definition Language.
[B] Data Definition Link
[C] Determination Language.
[D] None of these

Q 5. A DSLAM is a device used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to route incoming DSL connections to the Internet. What is its correct full form ?
[A] Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer
[B] Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplier
[C] Digital Service Line Access Multiplexer
[D] None of these

Q 6. RUP Stands for \"Rational Unified Process.\" RUP is a software development process from Rational, a division of _______?
[A] Microsoft
[C] Compaq
[D] None of these

Q  7. Which among the following defines web2.0 most precisely ?
[A] A New version of Internet
[B] A Series of technological improvements in World Wide Web
[C] A New labeling of old Softwares improved
[D] None of these

Q 8. Microsoft first introduced an operating environment named Windows in which year?
[A] 1977
[B] 1985
[C] 1988
[D] None of these

Q 9. 32 bit operations were introduced for the first time by Microsoft in ________?
[A] windows 95
[B] Windows 3.0
[C] Windows 3.11
[D] None of these

Q 10. A GUID is a 128-bit (16 byte) number used by software programs to uniquely identify the location of a data object. What is correct full form?
[A] Graphical User Identifier
[B] Globally Unique Identifier
[C] Globally Unique Internet
[D] None of these

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