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IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam : Computer Knowledge Free Mock Test Quiz

Important Computer Awareness questions answers set for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk

1. Which of the following is the product of data processing?
(a) Information
(b) data
(c) software program
(d) system

2. The process of putting data into a storage location is called:
(a) Reading

(b) writing
(c) controlling
(d) handshaking

3. The process of copying data from a memory location is called:
(a) Reading
(b) writing
(c) controlling
(d) booting

4. A list of instructions used by a computer is called:  
(a) Program
(b) CPU
(c) text
(d) output

5. The application layer of the OSI model is the:  
(a) Seventh layer
(b) sixth layer
(c) fifth layer
(d) fourth layer

6. Working of the WAN generally involves:
(a) Satellite
(b) frame delay
(c) ATM
(d) user agent

7. Which of the following techniques provides dedicated communication channel
between two stations:
(a) Switch network

(b) circuit switching
(c) packet switching
(d) none of these

8. End to end connectivity is provided from host – to – host in:
(a) Network layer
(b) session layer
(c) data ink layer
(d) transport layer

9. Base band is:
(a) Transmission of signals without modulation
(b) A signal all of whose energy is contained within a finite frequency range
(c) The simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations
(d) All of the above

10. The simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations is known as:
(a) Broadcast
(b) Bandwidth
(c) Aloha
(d) Analog transmission

11. The communication mode that supports date in both directions:
(a) Simplex

(b) Half-duplex
(c) Duplex
(d) Multiplex

12. Modulation is the process of:
(a) Sending a file from one computer to another computer

(b) Converting digital signals to analog signals
(c) Converting analog signals to digital signals
(d) Echoing every character that is received

13. A distributed network configuration in which all data/information pass through a central computer is:
(a) Bus network
(b) Star network
(c) Duplex
(d) Multiplex

14. To connect a computer with a device in the same room, you might likely to use:
(a) A coaxial cable
(b) A dedicated time
(c) A ground station
(d) All of the above

15. Administrative supervision of database activities is the responsibility of:  
(a) Data base administrator
(b) DP Manager
(c) DB Manager
(d) VP-DP administrator

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