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IBPS Asked Previous year mix questions Capsule - C

IBPS Asked Previous year mix questions Capsule - C

Dear experts. Good Night. You know Today we are presenting a series for previous ibps asked questions papers sets. Here we are presenting Set -'C' Most important and asked questions in previous exam held by IBPS PO/SO Clerk SSC and all other Govt Jobs competitive exams. These most important and expected questions are very important for upcoming all IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam. These questions are asked by IBPS in many Exam like. IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO Specialist officer Exam, IBPS Assistant Exam. State Bank of India (SBI) PO and Assistant Exam. SBI PO Exam. RBI Officer Grade and Assiatant Exam. RRB, LIC ADO/AAo Exam and All Bank Exam. so you read these questions and practice well for recent upcoming IBPS and other Latest Govt. Jobs exams. All the best.

Capsule101. Which one of the following is not regulator(Options - RBI,SEBI,CERN,IRDA) ? - CERN
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Capsule102. Rohan Bopanna related to which sport ? - Tennis

Capsule103. Which line divides America and Canada- ? 49th parallel

Capsule104. What is the nick name of Korea ? - Land of morning calm

Capsule105. 2014 is recognised as completion of 100 years of which war ? - World War - I

Capsule106. Angela Merkel is related to which country ? - Germany

Capsule107. Who is the chairman of committee related to Gas pricing ? -Vijay Kelkar

Capsule108. What is the expanded form of PLO - Palestine liberation organization

Capsule109. African union is fighting with which terrorist organisation ?- Boko haram

Capsule110. Donna Trott has authored the book titled as ? - The goldfinch

Capsule111. What is the range of Bramhos missile ? - 290Km

Capsule112. Currency of Bhutan? - Ngultrum

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Capsule113. New Governor of Haryana ? - Kaptan Singh Solanki

Capsule114. Jarawa tribe belongs to ? - Andaman and Nicobar islands

Capsule115. Who is the Minister of state for IT & Broadcasting? - Prakash Javdekar

Capsule116. What is the Literacy rate of Bihar according to 2011 census? - 63.82%

Capsule117. Mary kom movie produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali is written by : Saiwyn Quadras

Capsule118. Currency of Sri lanka ? - Sri Lanka Rupee

Capsule119. Capital of Kuwait ?- Kuwait city

Capsule120. Power, Coal and renewable energies minister in the current government ? - Piyush Goyal

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Capsule121. Currency of Vatican City ? - Euro

Capsule122. Gagan Narang won medal in Commonwealth in which shooting event? - 50 m air rifle event

Capsule123. What are the number of Nationalized Banks in India after nationalization of BMB? - 21

Capsule124. Davis Cup related to which sport ?- Lawn Tennis

Capsule125. Which country topped CWG 2014 Medal tally ? - England

Capsule126. New Deputy Governer of RBI S S Mundra replaced whom ? - K C Chakraborty

Capsule127. Which among the following is a banking term ? - CRR

Capsule128. Which of the following is an Indirect Tax ? - Service Tax

Capsule129. Controller of Mutual Fund ? - SEBI

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Capsule130. Full form of CFL? - Compact fluorescent lamp

Capsule131. Cerebral hemorrhage caused by deficiency of which vitamin? - Vitamin K

Capsule132. Capital of Sierra Leon? - Freetown

Capsule133. Minister of Parliament Affairs: Venkaiah Naidu

Capsule134. Hepatitis day: 28 July

Capsule135. 17th NAM Summit will be held in: Venezuela

Capsule136. In Common wealth Games 2014 Abhinav Bindra won gold for: 10m rifle shooting

Capsule137. Capital of Iraq: Baghdad

Capsule138. Capital of Bhutan: Thimpu

Capsule139. Currency of Vatican City: Euro

Capsule140. A book on Vijay Malaya is authored by: K. Giriprakash

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Capsule141. RBI governor replaced whom: D Subba Rao

Capsule142. Khushwant Singh is: a novelist, journalist

Capsule143. Which scheme is for slum people: Indira Awas Yojna

Capsule144. Minister of Information & Broadcasting, environment, forest: Prakash Javadekar

Capsule145. Banking is defined under which act: Banking Regulation Act, 1949

Capsule146. ICC trophy is related to? Cricket

Capsule147. Capital of Zimbabwe? Harare

Capsule148. Currency of Myanmar? – Kyat

Capsule149. Author of the book titled 'What young India wants'? - Chetan Bhagat

Capsule150. World environment day? - 5th June

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