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IBPS Asked Previous year mix questions Capsule - I

IBPS Asked Previous year mix questions Capsule - I

Dear experts. Good Night. You know Today we are presenting a series for previous ibps asked questions papers sets. Here we are presenting (IBPS Asked Questions Capsule Set -'I') Most important and asked questions in previous exam held by IBPS PO/SO Clerk SSC and all other Govt Jobs competitive exams. These most important and expected questions are very important for upcoming all IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam. These questions are asked by IBPS in many Exam like. IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO Specialist officer Exam, IBPS Assistant Exam. State Bank of India (SBI) PO and Assistant Exam. SBI PO Exam. RBI Officer Grade and Assiatant Exam. RRB, LIC ADO/AAo Exam and All Bank Exam. so you read these questions and practice well for recent upcoming IBPS and other Latest Govt. Jobs exams. All the best for your exam.

Capsule 402. “Cry The Peacock” author? - Anita Desai
IBPS Exam Capsule : Quantitative Aptitude Math Shortcut Tricks PDF Part-1

Capsule 403. Atomic Energy minister of India - Narendra Modi

Capsule 404. French Open winner - Rafael Nadal

Capsule 405. Narora Power Plant situated in? U.P

Capsule 406. Best Director National Awards? Hansal Mehta

Capsule 407. U.K. Prime Minister? David Cameroon

Capsule 408. Full Form Of UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Capsule 409. Sattriya is the dance form of which state? – Assam
Computer Science Networking quiz questions with answers as PDF files

Capsule 410. Leander Paes related to which game? – Tennis

Capsule 411. Rihand Dam in which state? - Uttar Pradesh

Capsule 412. Mogadishu is the capital of which country: Somalia

Capsule 413. e-visa in how many cities to promote tourism: 9

Capsule 414. FIDE world (rapid chess championship) won by which player: Magnus Carlsen

Capsule 415. Vice President of USA: Joe Biden
Computer Digest for IBPS PO and CLERK 2016 Exam – Download Now

Capsule 416. Which film got Best Film Award at Film Fare Awards: Bhaag Milkha Bhaag

Capsule 417. Governor of Maharashtra: C Vidyasagar Rao

Capsule 418. Li-tatina (tomator tyoha) festival of which country: Spain

Capsule 419. Hill station 'ARAKU' in which state: Andhra Pradesh

Capsule 420. Oscar 2014 Best supporting actress - Lupita Nyong'o
Tricks to remember Important Days of All Months (Pdf Download)

Capsule 421. Best actress in film fare awards 2014 - Deepika Padukone

Capsule 422. Fiscal deficit according to union budget – 4.1%

Capsule 423. According to Budget 2014, how many new Govt. Medical Colleges will be opened? – 12

Capsule 424. Najma Heptulla ministry: Minority affairs

Capsule 425. Loss incurred for railway per passenger in paise - 23p

Capsule 426. Full form of CST? - Central Sales Tax

Capsule 427. Full form of NABARD? - National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Developemnt

Capsule 428. Full form of UGC? - University Grants Commission

Capsule 429. Full form of SLR? - Statutory Liquidity Ratio
Computer Power Capsule PDF IBPS PO, Clerk, RRB Officer Scale & Office Assistant

Capsule 430. Ajiknkya Rahane is related to which game? – Cricket

Capsule 431. What is purpose of Jan Dhan Yojna? - Minimum one account for every family

Capsule 432. Who issues RuPay card? – NPCI

Capsule 433. Who is Robin Williams? - Hollywood Actor

Capsule 434. Who is P.J Kurien? - Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

Capsule 435. What is the amount charged for ATM transactions after 5 times? - Rs. 20
Marketing Aptitude Notes for IBPS Bank Clerk and Po Exam - Pdf download

Capsule 436. Flag Bearer for India in Commonwealth Games 2014? - Vijay Kumar

Capsule 437. How many Deputy Governors are there in RBI? – 4

Capsule 438. Strike word is related to which game? – Baseball

Capsule 439. Hardware park is proposed to which state? - Andhra Pradesh

Capsule 440. What % of money is increased for cleanliness in budget? - 40%

Capsule 441. Who is all time highest goal scorer of Germany? - Miroslav Klose

Capsule 442. Wilfried Bony - Football Striker from Ivory Coas

Capsule 443. Saji Thomas is related to which game? – Rowing

Capsule 444. Bhamashah Yojna in Rajasthan is for what purpose? - Women Empowerment

Capsule 445. Bank Capitalization related to -? - Basel III Norms
Way to Remove errors in English - IBPS Material pdf for Bank Jobs

Capsule 446. Which country is the top source of FDI? – Singapore

Capsule 447. Swaccha Bharat Abhiyan is to be ended by– 2019

Capsule 448. Amit kumar related to which game – Wrestling

Capsule 449. Zero Effect- Zero Defect slogan by - Narendra Modi
Free Notes : Meritmock (Computer Knowledge Test) Booster IBPS Exam Free Study material and Notes

Capsule 450. Who is Azim premji - Founder of Wipro

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