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IBPS Asked Previous year mix questions Capsule - J

IBPS Asked Previous year mix questions Capsule - J

Dear experts. Good Night. You know Today we are presenting a series for previous ibps asked questions papers sets. Here we are presenting Set -'J' Most important and asked questions in previous exam held by IBPS PO/SO Clerk SSC and all other Govt Jobs competitive exams. These most important and expected questions are very important for upcoming all IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam. These questions are asked by IBPS in many Exam like. IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO Specialist officer Exam, IBPS Assistant Exam. State Bank of India (SBI) PO and Assistant Exam. SBI PO Exam. RBI Officer Grade and Assiatant Exam. RRB, LIC ADO/AAo Exam and All Bank Exam. so you read these questions and practice well for recent upcoming IBPS and other Latest Govt. Jobs exams. All the best for upcoming Bank Exams. 
Capsule 451. Prior to which year currency note should be exchanged – 2005bank interview questions
Capsule 452. PFO monthly pension limit - Rs. 1000 (Minimum limit) & Maximum Limit is Rs. 15000
Capsule 453. Pankaj Advani Sports name – Billiards
Capsule 454. Chanakya also known as (his alternate name) – Kautilya
Capsule 455. CDR fullform - Credit Default Swap
Capsule 456. SEZ started by PM In which state/city – Maharashtra
Capsule 457. Indira Awas Yojna new name - National Gramin Awaas Mission (proposed name, please check once)
Capsule 458. FLIPKART is which kind of company? - E-Commerce
Capsule 459. 200 cr allocated for stadium in which state - Jammu & Kashmir
Capsule 460. Which organization is worried for EBOLA – WHO
Capsule 461. Largest bank - Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
Capsule 462. Who is sumitra mahajan - Loksabha Speaker
Capsule 463. Sanjita Chanu wins gold in: Weightlifting
Capsule 464. Abhinav Bindra related to: Shooting
Capsule 465. Apurvi Chandela related to: Shooting
Capsule 466. 6th BRICS summit held in: Fortaleza, Brazil
Capsule 467. Anirban Lahiri belongs to which sports: Golf
Capsule 468. Rory Mcllory belongs to which sports: Golf
Capsule 469. NHB full form: National housing bank
Capsule 470. KYC full form: know your customer
Capsule 471. India celebrated it's ___ independence day on 15th Aug, 2014: 68th
Capsule 472. PPF investment Limit: Rs 1.5lakh
Capsule 473. Yuki Bhambri related to which sport – Tennis
Capsule 474. Lionel Messi player of which country: Argentina
Capsule 475. In budget tax free home loan limit: Rs. 2 lakh.
Capsule 476. Income tax limit other than senior citizen: Rs. 2.5 lakh
Capsule 477. Smart car launched --- Tata Nano
Capsule 478. Volley term from which sport – Tennis
Capsule 479. Kargil war in which year: July 1999
Capsule 480. ISRO headquarter: Bangalore
Capsule 481. Make in India terms launched by – PM N. Modi
Capsule 482. Art 370 is related to which state – Jammu & Kashmir
Capsule 483. Jan Dhan Yojana Benefits – Overdraft Loan in Bank Account
Capsule 484. Writer of The Mother I Never Knew - Sudha Murthy
Capsule 485. L stands in SLR- liquidity
Capsule 486. Money laundering is done to- Avoid tax
Capsule 487. When did Mangalayan reached Mars - 24 September 2014
Capsule 488. In how days KYC custom fill identity proof – 5 working days
Capsule 489. Which Indian movie selected for Oscar Award 2015 - Liar's Dice
Capsule 490. NIM full form- Net Interest Margin
Capsule 491. MTSS- Money Transfer Service Scheme
Capsule 492. Kisan Vikas Patra was closed by govt. earlier why - to avoid Money laundering activities
Capsule 493. SBI life insurance partnered with – BNP Paribas Cardif
Capsule 494. Currency of Cambodia – Riel
Capsule 495. What is A in ATM – Automated
Capsule 496. Hard Choice author - Hillary Clinton
Capsule 497. Who invented Dynamite – Alfred Nobel
Capsule 498. Capital of Argentina: Buenos Aires
Capsule 499. Which actor's father is a famous badminton player - Deepika Padukone
Capsule 500. Word C stand for what in CP- commercial paper 

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