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How to score high in English section of IBPS and bank exams

Hi i am Nitika Jain from Gandhidham, Now i am giving some guidelines idea for English Subject Preparation for IBPS Bank Exam. 
English language is one of the important section of IBPS PO and Clerk Exam, SBI, SSC or any other recruitment exam. Although it is the most avoided and least prepared section. Most of the candidates unable to crack IBPS and other bank exams because they are unable to qualify sectional cutoffs and most of the candidates fails because they are unable to clear cutoff in this section. Today I made a study plan, please read it carefully, you will find interesting tips and shortcuts to score high in English section. Please share on Facebook if you find it useful.

During Exam Preparations
Read newspaper daily
Do you from where reading comprehension paragraphs come from in IBPS, SBI, RRB or any other recruitment exam ?
Most of the times these paragraphs comes from National newspapers and "The Hindu" is the most loved newspapers by question paper setters. I am not asking you to spend whole day in reading newspaper but reading it's editorial section will make you comfortable to their writing style. Mind it their writing style is really difficult to understand for a newbie.
If you want to score good in English section, then read "The Hindu" everyday. You will feel the difference while attempting questions in exam. There is no need to practice endless reading comprehension questions because practice papers are just a tool to measure performance but if you really want to improve your score then read newspaper everyday.

You can buy the newspaper or read it online on their website or download an app on your smart phone.
Improve your vocabulary

English VOCABULARY Set-1
Without strong vocabulary it is almost impossible to score well in recruitment and bank exams. Further without strong vocabulary it is impossible to improve your reading speed and hence reading newspapers properly.
The best way to improve your vocabulary is reading Word Power made Easy book. This book will cost you around hundred rupees and trust me after reading this book you will feel a big change in your reading as well as writing skills.
Another way to improve vocabulary is learning a list of frequently used words. Download list of words from my previous post.

Read preparation books
Although there is no complete book for English language section but I strongly recommend you to follow at least one book for this section to become comfortable with exam type questions. Answering reading comprehension questions is an art, it is not like quantitative aptitude section where you can play with options. In English section of IBPS, options are really close and it is very difficult to answer rightly without understanding facts of paragraphs. Many time facts are wrong in answers, you need to answer on the basis of paragraph and not based on facts and general knowledge. Never guess answers in English section.
You can find IBPS books for English section in my list bank exams books link given below.

Learn a list of words
Best way to improve your vocabulary quickly is by learning a list of words, download list of words in pdf format. Go through these words for at least 3 times and try to use them in normal language.

Use a dictionary
Use a dictionary to improve your English everyday. I recommend you to stop using those low quality mobile dictionaries. Buy an Oxford Advanced English Dictionary which is explains every word deeply you search in it. Further you can buy The Oxford Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms to take your writing and reading skills to next level. Try to invest more in books and less on coaching institutes. This is the most important tip.

Practice sample papers
Solve at least 20 previous papers of different levels. I have already shared 40+ question paper with answer key. Download previous bank exam papers in pdf format.
During Exam
Manage time
Time management is very important is IBPS and other recruitment exams. Attempting 200 questions in mere two hours is not an easy task. You to make a strategy to attempt exam. In my previous post I wrote about Time management in IBPS exams so don't want to repeat that here again.

Attempt last question sets first
Most of the times question at the end of English language is the easiest. Never leave those marks rich question. In case you run out of time, you can quit one reading comprehension set which you find really difficult but never leave sentence completion and grammar questions are those question are high scoring.

How to attempt Reading comprehension
Major part of English language section is consists of Reading comprehension sets. In many exam 20 out of 40 questions comes from reading comprehension. Many candidates leave these marks rich questions which is the biggest mistake. Tips to attempt reading comprehension sets :-
Write main points while reading as in long paragraphs it is very difficult to recall every point.
Read questions first so that you know what are you finding
Identify the tone of paragraph, it helps in answering very quickly.
Read first and last para twice and thoroughly

Attempt English language section in the beginning
It takes a lot of efforts to read full length paragraphs after 90 minutes of hard on quantitative and reasoning section. I strongly recommend you to attempt English language section at first even if you are not good at this section.

another some

Tips to Prepare for English Section of IBPS

Tips to Crack English Section of IBPS PO Prelims 2016

IBPS English Tips

English Section is one of the most important sections in Banking exams. It doesn’t require as much time as required for Reasoning or QA in the exams. So scoring maximum marks in English Section will help in securing good overall results.
SOLVE CLOZE TEST by English Short Cut Tricks

Mainly this section consists of Comprehensions, synonyms, antonyms, spotting errors and sentence ordering. In this article, I will discuss the methods I followed in preparing these sections.


Check also Guidlines for Good Marks in Reading Comprehension?

For comprehensions, we have to read one passage and answer the questions based on that. Here the problem arises when most of the questions are indirect. I started preparation by going through the passages in various question papers available on books and websites. Here the easy way is to read more and more passages and try to answer in a time-frame. First read the passage as a whole and understand the theme or the subject of the passage and have a look on the questions follow. Then carefully re-read every sentence or conversation with the questions asked on the back of your mind. In most cases you will find the answers easily. 
Read this.
IBPS Free Download Important Antonyms and Synonyms for Bank Exams 2015


Coming to synonyms and antonyms for bank exam, there are many books with thousands of words and meanings. But I find it impractical to remember all those words, their meaning and opposites. My suggestion is to read a good English newspaper daily, especially the editorials and articles. You will find many commonly used unknown words there. You can find the meaning using a dictionary while reading the paper. By this way you will come to know not only its meaning, but also the context in which those words are used. This will help in remembering the word meanings. I preferred to read ‘The Hindu’, but there are many other good newspapers as well. Also refer to question papers as I found many words are repeated in exams. There are many commonly asked words which you will find in those question papers. If possible try to read some English periodicals and books which you may find useful. But keep in mind to have a dictionary with you whenever you are reading.

Spotting the Errors

Spotting the Error questions are based mainly on simple grammar or on spellings. For this one just need to know the basics of English grammar like tenses and singular/plural usages. For this, practice is a must. Try to answer as many questions as you can. There are many available on popular websites. 
Tips to Solve Bank Exam Sentence Rearrangement in English Questions

To summarize, cracking the English section is not a very difficult job. The basics of grammar along with wide reading will enable one to easily score high marks here. The most important thing is to make use of Newspapers, previous question papers, online portals and books and practicing hard. I started preparing three months before and I strictly adhered to the above practices which helped me in obtaining good marks in the section. All the best to all aspirants.

Books I followed 

Best IBPS English Preparation Books:

  1. English Grammar by Murphy

  2. Word Power Made Easy

  3. Objective English by Arihant


 Also read : (Study Materials) English Language : Idioms and Phrases pdf Download

5 Steps to Improve your English for Competitive Exams

English does not have a fixed syllabus. It don’t have formulas to memorize like quants. Maybe this is why I always ignored it.
I wanted to focus on improving my RC skills and basic grammar. Besides consulting and reading from wren & martin thoroughly I practiced and solved previous year’s papers.

My personal strategy to improve English score:

I used to set aside 2 hours daily exclusively for English. And I was completely dedicated in these two hours focusing on every bit of English language. I could not sit for more than 2 hours at a stretch as English is really not my favorite subject :P  
I did not consult too many books for studying English as I thought it would get confusing.

I wanted to get my basics Right in English –To be grammatically sound, I brushed up basic grammar like basics of nouns, prepositions, tenses, sentence construction, etc. Once I had a good hold on basics of English section it seemed to look relatively easier to me. Spotting the errors questions are based on basic grammar. It helped me solve sentence completion problems as well. For English section one needs to get the basics right.

Extensive reading helped me to crack Reading Comprehension questions with ease – I tried minimum 1 passage everyday and answered the questions in a regulated time frame. I first read the questions to get an idea about the passage. Then I read the passage as a whole and tried understanding the theme. I made notes in the margins and underlined important points while reading the passage. Finally I reviewed the questions below the passage and started answering.

 Practice to be perfect  To be able to ace any exam, you need consistent practice. I solved at least 2 papers in a week, specifically concentrated and worked on my weak areas. Solving test papers helped me to get comfortable with the pattern of the exam.

Clearing English section is not a big deal. My score did not improve from 11 to 27 in 1 week; it took me 2 months! A lot of reading along with clearing Grammar basics will help you in a big way to score high marks. Make use of online merit mock quizzes, online communities, read newspapers, solve previous years question papers and practice hard and get good marks in English section.

Hope you will find the above tips very useful

By : Nitika
Thanks Nitika. Team MM

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