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Free Mock Test For PO and Clerk Exam : Computer Quiz 76

Dear readers here is the Free IBPS Bank PO and Clerk
Set : (iii)

Q.35        The retrieval of information from the computer is defined as
            1          collection of data
            2          data retrieval operations
            3          output
            4          data output collection

Q.36        An advantage of a distributed word processing network is
            1          increased number of reports handled
            2          less delay in inter-office communications
            3          greater corporate control over outputs
            4          All of these
Q.37        The individual within the operations group who ordinarily uses a variety of keyboard devices, is the
            1          Data Clerk
            2          Keypunch Operator
            3          Data Entry Clerk
            4          Computer Operator
Q.38        Which one of the following is not a computer language?
            1          BASIC
            2          COBOL
            3          LOTUS
            4          FORTRAN
Q.39        Which of the following packages is used for composition in printing press?
            1          Lotus
            2          dBase
            3          Page Maker
            4          Word Perfect
Q.40        Which one of the following is not a programming language of a computer?
            1          BASIC
            2          FORTRAN
            3          LASER
            4          PASCAL
Q.41        In computer language, one kilobyte equals
            1          1000 bytes
            2          1024 bytes
            3          100 bytes
            4          8 bytes
Q.42        'Foxpro' is
            1          a medicine
            2          a disease
            3          a computer language
            4          an animal
Q.43        The brain of a computer is
            1          CPU
            2          CD
            3          Floppy disc
            4          Megabyte
Q.44        The most widely used commercial programming computer language is
            1          BASIC
            2          COBOL
            3          FORTRAN
            4          PASCAL
Q.45        Who was the inventor of mechanical calculator for adding numbers?
            1          Charles Babbage
            2          Peano
            3          Newton
            4          Pascal
Q.46        Who wrote the book 'Computer Liberation and Dream Machine', the first book on personal computers?
            1          John McCarthy
            2          Ted Nelson
            3          Niklaus Wirth
            4          Karl Capek
Q.47        Charles Babbage invented
            1          ENIAC
            2          Difference engine
            3          Electronic computer
            4          Punched card
Q.48        Transistors are associated with which computer system?
            1          First generation
            2          Fifth generation
            3          Second generation
            4          None of these
Q.49        First generation computer systems used
            1          Transistors
            2          Vacuum tubes
            3          Magnetic cores
            4          Silicon chips
Q.50        Which one of the following is a stored program machine?
            1          Micro-processor
            2          Calculator
            3          Analog-computer
            4          Micro-computer
Q.51        Computers can be classified in which of the following hierarchical orders?
            1          PC, Large, Super Micro, Super Computer
            2          Super Micro, PC, Large, Super Computer
            3          PC, Super Micro, Large, Super Computer
            4          Large, Super Micro, Super Computer, PC

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