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Free IBPS PO Clerk Exam Main Mock Test Festival 2015 : Reasoning Quiz - 77

Directions for questions(1 to 21): Answer the questions based on the following information.
A)  i) A, B, C, D, E, F and G are sitting on a bench and all of them are facing East.
ii) C is to the immediate right of D, but not next to F.
iii) B is at the extreme end and has E as his neighbour.
iv) G is between E and F.
v) D is sitting third from the South end.

1. Who is sitting to the right of E?
(1) A      (2) C    (3) D   (4) None
2. Which of the following pairs is sitting at the extreme ends?
(1) A, B      (2) A, E      (3) C, B      (4) F, B
3. The person sitting third from the North end is_.
(1) E     (2) F     (3) G     (4) D
4. Between which of the following pairs is D sitting?
(1) A, C    (2) A, F    (3) C, E    (4) C, F
5. Which of the conditions from i to v given above is not required to find out the place where A is sitting?
 (1) i    (2)ii    (3) iii    (4) All are required.
B) Six persons A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting around a circular table facing the centre.
i) C is sitting exactly between A and F.
ii) B is sitting two places to the left of E.
iii) D is sitting two places to the right of F.
6. Between which two persons is D sitting?
(1) F-B        (2) E-B      (3) C-B      (4) A – B
7. Who is sitting opposite A?
(1) F     (2) C     (3) E     (4) None of these
8. Which of the following is A's neighbour to his right?
(1) C      (2) F     (3) B     (4) D
9. Who is sitting opposite E?
(1) A     (2) B    (3) C     (4) F
10. Between which of the two persons is F sitting?
(1) C – D      (2) C – A     (3) D-A      (4) C-B
C) i) Seven meetings – A, B, C, D, E, F, and G are to be scheduled, one on each day of a week that begins on Monday.
ii) Meeting A must take place on Monday and meeting B on the last day.  
iii) Meeting B immediately takes place after meeting C which is scheduled immediately after meeting D.
iv) Meeting E, F and G must take place on three consecutive days, in that order.
11. Which is the earliest day of the week on which meeting C can take place?
(1) Wednesday     (2) Thursday    (3) Friday      (4) Saturday
12. Which of the following must be true about the order of meetings?
(1) C takes place immediately after A. (2) C takes place immediately after F.
(3) E takes place immediately after A. (4) E takes place immediately after G.
13. If meeting A is on Wednesday, which is the first day that meeting B must take place on?
(1) Tuesday    (2) Wednesday     (3) Thursday    (4) Friday
14. Which of the following represents a possible order of meetings on three consecutive  days?
(1) ADB    (2) BCF    (3) DEA    (4) AEF
D) Five friends – Hemant, Ram, Krishna, Pramod and Mahesh participated in a race. Ram finished the race tefore Krishna but after Hemant. Hemant finished tne race before Mahesh and Pramod.  Pramod  finished the race after Krishna but before Mahesh.
15. Who finished the race in the fourth position?
(1) Krishna    (2) Mahesh    (3) Pramod   (4) Ram
16. Who was the first person to finish the race?
(1) Hemant    (2) Pramod    (3) Ram    (4) Mahesh
E) i) Five gentlemen (Mr. Ajay, Mr. Bijay, Mr. Vinay, Mr Sanjay and Mr. Akshay) are practising five different professions (Engineering, Medical, Law, Chartered Accountancy and Architecture). Each one can play only one of the five different instruments: Tabla, Violin, Sarod, Sitar and Flute.
ii) Mr Ajay is a Doctor and can play Sarod.
iii) The Sitarist is not an Engineer.
iv) Mr Vinay and Mr Bijay are not Architects and Vinay cannot play Tabla.
v) Mr Bijay can play Violin.
vi) Mr Akshay is a Lawyer and can play Flute.
17. Which instrument does Mr. Vinay play?
(1) Sarod    (2) Sitar    (3) Violin    (4) Flute
18. What is the profession of Mr. Bijay?
(1) Architect    (2) Doctor     (3) Lawyer    (4) Engineer
19. Who is an Architect?
(1) Mr. Ajay     (2) Mr. Akshay     (3) Mr. Bijay     (4) Mr. Sanjay
20. What is the profession of Mr. Vinay?
(1) Doctor    (2) Engineer    (3) Lawyer    (4) CA
21. Which instrument can the Doctor learn from the Architect?
(1) Flute    (2) Sitar    (3) Tabla    (4)Sarod

Free IBPS PO Clerk Exam Main Mock Test Festival 2015 : Reasoning Quiz - 76

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1.4     2. 1     3. 3     4.4     5.4     6.2     7.4     8.1     9. 4     10.4     11.4     12. 3     13.1     14.4     15.3     16.1     17.2  18.4     19.4     20.4     21.3


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