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Expected G.K. Questions for IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2015

 Expected G.K. Questions for IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2015

Q.1.Andhra Pradesh has created history by linking which of its two rivers by the Pattiseema Lift Irrigation Scheme?
a)Penna and Krishna
b)Krishna and Godavari
c)Arani and Maldevi
d)Godavari and Tungabhadra

IBPS Clerk Main Current Affairs December 2015 Quick Capsule pdf

Q.2.Name the Bollywood actor who has received the Certificate of Recognition from the California Legislature for his dedication to helping the Kashmiri Hindu Community?
a)Amir Khan
b)Shahrukh Khan
c)Amitabh Bachchan
d)Anupam Kher

Q.3.Which is the first developing country to have a Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan?
d)Sri Lanka

General Knowledge Super 100 Fact 2015 G.K. Capsule (Hindi)

Q.4.Name the first Indian who has been selected as the Mayor of the German City Bonn?
a)Raghu Raj Bahadur
b)Ashok-Alexander Sridharan
c)Chandrashekar Khare
d)Kumble R Subbaswamy

Q.5.Name the two Indian Institutions that placed in the list of top 200 ranks of the QS World University Ranking of 2015-16?
a)AIIMS Delhi and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad
b)Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, and National Institute of Technology (NIT), Delhi
c)Indian Institute of Science (IIS), Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi.
d)Indian Institute of Science (IIS), Bangalore and Sardar Valabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat

Q.6.Union Finance Ministry has imposed Safeguard Duty on certain categories of which products?
a)Auto Mobile Products
b)Plastic Products
c)Food Products
d)Steel Products

Q.7.What is the Venue of United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 which was yet to be held on 27th September 2015?
b)New York
d)New Delhi

Person In News for IBPS Clerk Mains Exam : G.K. Capsule Part -3 of 3

Q.8.World  Ozone Day  is observed on     .
a)17th September
b)14th September
c)15th  September 
d)16th  September

Q.9.Name the Indian American who has been selected for the Champions of Change Award?
a)Ravi Pradip
b)Swetha Prabhakaran
c)Harshit Jindal 
d)Mansi Aggarwal

Q.10.Asian Games  2018 will  be hosted at     .

Q.11.India has signed two MoUs with which of the following countries to boost the bilateral cooperation in the field of Tourism and Umbrella Projects?

Q.12.Reserve Bank of India has recently granted the in-principle approval for 10 entities to set up Small Finance Banks to provide basic banking service for small farmers and micro industries. Which among the following is NOT one of them?
a)J & K Financiers Ltd 
b)Utkarsh Micro Finance Pvt Ltd 
c)Suryoday Micro Finance Pvt Ltd 
d)Disha Microfin Private Lrd

Q.13.The Union Government has   allotted Rs.     crore for the Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Rurban Mission (SPMRM) to develop 300 clusters over the next 3 years?
a)Rs. 8000 crore 
b)Rs. 6000 crore 
c)Rs. 5000 crore 
d)Rs. 10000 crore

Q.14.PM Narendra Modi has approved the creation of 4 posts of Directors for the 4 new National Institutes of Design (NIDs) in different regions. Which of the following is NOT one of those regions?
a)Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
b)Bangalore, Karnataka
c)Jorhat, Assam
d)Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

Q.15.South Indian Fertilizers has planned to setup Kissan Kendra’s and Agri Super Markets across which state?
a)Andhra Pradesh 
b)Tamil Nadu 

Q.16.Which of the following state has decided to stop old rotation based reservation system in village Panchayats?
a) Uttar Pradesh
b) Tamil Nadu
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Andhra Pradesh

Q.17.Which of the following City has confirmed to host 2022 Asian Game?
b)Hong Kong 

Q.18.Which Foundation has been established by Nana Patekar to fund drought relief for farmers ?
a)Agaram Foundation
b)Hope Foundation
c)Naam Foundation
d)Smile Foundation

Q.19.Name the Indian Shot putter who got qualified for Rio Olympics recently?
a)Sourabn Vij 
b)Manpreet Kaur 
c)Shakti Singh 
d)Om Prakash Karhana

Q.20.Name the Cricket player who has been honored with the Icon Award by the Indo-Caribbean Alliance?
a)Rahul Dravid 
b)Muttiah Muralidharan 
d)Andrew Flintoff

150 G.K. Capsule Current Affairs for IBPS Clerk Main Exam 2015

1). b)   2). d)   3). a)   4). b)   5). c)   6). d)   7). b)   8). d)   9). b) 10). c) 11). d)1 2). a) 13). c) 14). b)15). c) 16). a) 17). d) 18). c) 19). b) 20). c)

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