Monday, 28 December 2015

English : Synonyms Quiz test for IBPS Bank Exam 55

Dear mm readers here are Synonyms Quiz test for IBPS Bank Exam with pdf capsule is very important must read study materials and Quiz for IBPS, PO and Clerk Bank Exams :English Language : Antonyms & Synonyms:
Quick Guide for IBPS PO/SO/Clerk Exam - English Language Test Preparation

Q.1. Insolent
(a) Disrespectful
(b) Insoluble
(c) Depreciating
(d) The sole of shoe
Q.2. Parsimony
(a) Expenditure
(b) Bankruptcy
(c) Bribery
(d) Miserliness
Q.3. Tribulation
(a) Palpitation
(b) Suffering
(c) Weakness
(d) Stimulation
Q.4. The Prime Minister goes on the ramparts of the Red Fort to hoist the National Flag.
(a) Romp way
(b) Staircase
(c) Parapet
(d) Scaffold
Q.5. Students are asked to collate an important programme by the principal.
(a) Describe
(b) Narrate
(c) Prescribe
(d) Assemble 
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Q.6. Advocate
(a) Pronounce
(b) Support
(c) Determine
(d) Predict
Q.7. Preamble
(a) Mediation
(b) Conclusion
(c) Introduction
(d) Conclusion 
Q.8. Garrulous
(a) Talkative
(b) Sedative
(c) Vocative
(d) Positive
Q.9. Tinsel
(a) Tinkle
(b) Decoration
(c) Tin
(d) Colourful
Q.10. Labyrinth
(a) Meandering
(b) Rotating
(c) Pacing
(d) Wriggling

Answer Key:

1. (A)   2. (D)   3. (B)  4. (C)   5.(D)  6. (B)  7. (C)  8. (A)   9. (B)  10. (A)

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