Thursday, 17 December 2015

English Quiz on Idioms and Phrases for IBPS Clerk Exam 2015

English Quiz on Idioms and Phrases for IBPS PO and Clerk Exam 2015. Build Up Confidence in English Language Section.

MM experts, We have prepared some model questions on Idioms and Phrases. Idioms and Phrases is one of the common topic, which is considered as important from point of view of IBPS Clerk Exam 2015. As we all know that we have published a e-booklet on Idioms and Phrases for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Pdf. It is high time for the candidates to do the practice of model questions,

Idioms and Phrases could be recognized only through experience. Many times, words are unable to embody the experience or catch the spirit of special situation. It means the unit of meaning is different from what the words actually suggests.

Directions: In these questions, four alternatives are given for idioms/phrases given in italics in the sentence. Choose the alternatives, which best expresses the meaning of idioms and phrase.

Q.1. There are no hard and fast rules for admission to this college.
a)      Easy
b)      Strict
c)       Fixed
d)      Slow

Q.2. He took exception to his remark and left the meeting.
a)      Objected
b)      Suggested
c)       Heard
d)      Excused

Q.3. He is as hard as nail, never moved by anything.
a)      Tough
b)      Emotionless
c)       Physically strong
d)      Hardworking

Q.4. He turned a deaf ear to his parent advice.
a)      Listen carefully
b)      Refused to obey
c)       Big help
d)      Attentively

Q.5. The officer kicked up a row over the critical issue.
a)      Gave a kick in the air
b)      Made a great fuss
c)       Avoided the issue
d)      Gave strict orders

Above questions that are based on previous year exam pattern.
Comment your answers.

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