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Computer Quiz for IBPS Bank Exam 128

As you know Computer is very important section to get a good score for IBPS Clerk Exam. Thus, we are sharing with you Computer questions for your better preparation which is very important and you can expect similar questions in the exam.
You already know about Computer Awareness and Knowledge Questions for Bank Exam are more scoring part of each and every IBPS Exam or any Latest Govt. Jobs in India exams. Here we are presenting above stated questions capsule. You know we have already posted more one line computer awareness and knowledge quiz for IBPS Exam. This quiz is most important and expected questions and direct answers for IBPS Bank exams. These questions are most important study material notes for your upcoming IBPS PO and IBPS Clerk 2015 Exams. These questions and computer quiz is as a capsule for IBPS SO Exam and SBI PO and assistant exam. Today’s various Govt. Jobs recruitment exam has a computer section, so prepare and ready for your next target Govt job exams. Read merit mock notes daily study notes for computer awareness for IBPS bank exam. All the best.

Expected 15 Computer Quiz Questions Capsule for IBPS Bank Exam pdf

Computer Awareness - Computer Quiz - Computer General Knowledge Question & Answers.Capsule- 3

Important Computer Quiz for IBPS Bank Exam

Q. 16. ________ is an invalid type of database key.
1) Structured primary key  
2) Atomic primary key
3) Primary key  
4) Composite primary key
5) None of these

Q. 17. A processor that collects the transmissions from several communications media and sends them over a single line that operates at a higher capacity is called ______.
1) multiplexor  
2) bridge   
3) hub
4) router  
5) None of these

Q. 18. Bandwidth refers to _______.
1) the cost of the cable required to implement a WAN
2) the cost of the cable required to implement a LAN
3) the amount of information a peer-to-peer network can store
4) the amount of information a communications medium can transfer in a given amount of time 
5) None of these

Top Important Computer Quiz-Capsule:

Q. 19. _________ is a primary key of one file that also appears in another file.
1) Physical key  
2) Primary key  
3) Foreign key
4) Logical key  
5) None of these

Q. 20. The technique that extends storage capacities of main memory beyond the actual size of the main memory is called _______.
1) multitasking  
2) virtual storage
3) multiprocessing
4) multiprogramming
5) switching

Q. 21. Customers, facilities, knowledge workers, business information, communication infrastructure and computer equipment are all considerations in a good _______ plan.
1) Hacker   
2) Disaster recovery  
3) Security 
4) Risk management  
5) None of these

Q. 22. Which of the following correctly defines the term E-Banking?
A) It is the short form of Efficient Banking which means providing all banking related services to the customers in minimum required time during their visit to the branch.
B) E-Banking is providing banking facilities to all the customers through ATMs only which restricts their visits to a bank branch to a bare minimum.
C) E-Banking implies provisions of banking products and services through electronic delivery channels like ATMs, Phone, internet, mobile phones etc.

1) Only A      
2) Only B
3) Only C
4) Only A & B  
5) Only A & C

Q. 23. SMTP, FTP and DNS are applications of the ____ layer.
1) data link  
2) network  
3) transport 
4) application  
5) None of these

Q. 24. In a database, information should be organised and accessed according to which of the following?
1) Physical position  
2) Logical structure
3) Data dictionary  
4) Physical structure
5) None of these

Q. 25. Traffic in a VPN is not ______.
1) invisible from public networks
2) logically separated from other traffic
3) accessible from unauthorised public networks
4) restricted to a single protocol in IP Sec
5) None of these

Q. 26. A ________ is not a form of Biometrics.
1) fingerprint   
2) password
3) retina scan   
4) breath scan
5) None of these

Q. 27. A compiler ______.
1) translates machine language into a high level language
2) translates one statement at a time as the program executes
3) translates two statements at a time as the program executes
4) produces object code
5) is less sophisticated than an assembler

Q. 28. References to each file on a disk are stored in a ______.
1) file allocation table  
2) root allocation table
3) linking directory  
4) root directory
5) directory allocation table

Q. 29. A sender must not be able to deny that he sent a specific message when he in fact did. This is an aspect of security called ______.
1) privacy   
2) authentication  
3) integrity 
4) non-repudiation  
5) None of these

Q. 30. _______ is an access method in which collisions are entirely avoided.
1) CSMA  
4) All of these  
5) None of these

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