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Computer Awareness (Programming / Software Engineering) MCQs Mock Test Quiz - 59

1. To hide a data member from the program, you must declare the data member in the _____ section of the class
(a) concealed     

(b) confidential     
(c) hidden     
(d) private
2. A variable’s _____ indicates how long the variable remains in the computer’s memory(a) area     
(b) extent    
(c) lifetime     
(d) reach

3. Management of software development is dependent upon?
(a) People     

(b) Product     
(c) process     
(d) All of these

4. During software development which factor is most crucial?
(a) People     

(b) Process     
(c) Product     
(d) Project

5. Which is not a software life cycle model?
(a) Spiral model     

(b) Waterfall model     
(c) Prototyping model     
(d) Capability maturity model

6. Build and Fix model has?
(a) 3 phases     

(b) 1 phases     
(c) 2 phases     
(d) 4 phases

7. Waterfall model is not suitable for?
(a) Small projects     

(b) Complex projects     
(c) Accommodating change     
(d) All of the above

8. RAD stands for?
(a) Rapid Application Development     

(b) Relative Application Development
(c) Ready Application Development     

(d) Repeated Application Development

9. Which of the following is a tool in design phase?
(a) Abstraction     

(b) Refinement     
(c) Information hiding     
(d) All of these

10. Which of the following comments about object oriented design of software, is not true?
(a) Objects inherit  the properties of class     

(b) classes are defined based on the attributes of objects
(c) an object can belong to two classes     

(d) classes are always different

11. Design phase includes?
(a) data, architectural and procedural design only     

(b) architectural, procedural and interface design only
(c) data, architectural and interface design only     

(d) data, architectural, interface and procedural design

12. To completely write the program,  in FORTRAN and rewrite the 1% code in assembly language, if the project needs 13 days, the consists of?
(a) 13 programmers     

(b) 10 programmers     
(c) 8 programmers     
(d) 100/13 programmers

13. If 99% of the program is written in FORTRAN and the remaining 1% in assembly language, the percentage increase in the programming time compared to writing the entire program in FORTRAN and rewriting the 1% in assembly language is?
(a) 10     

(b) 5     
(c) 13     
(d) 8

14. Structure programming codes includes?
(a) Sequencing     

(b) alteration     
(c) iteration     
(d) Only A, B and C

15. Data structure suitable for the application is discussed in?
(a) Data design     

(b) architectural design     
(c) procedural design     
(d) interface design

16. In object oriented design of software, objects have?
(a) attributes and names only     

(b) operations and names only     
(c) operation and attributes     
(d) attributes, name and operations

17. Once object oriented programming has been accomplished, unit testing is applied for each class. Class tests includes?
(a) Fault based testing     

(b) Random testing     
(c) Partition testing     
(d) All of these

18. The document listing all procedures and regulations that generally govern an organization is the?
(a) Personal poling bank     

(b) Organizing manual     
(c) Administration policy manual     
(d) Procedure log

19. Which of the following is done in order a data in phase 1 of the system development life cycle?
(a) Reviewing policies and procedures     

(b) Using questionnaires to contact surveys
(c) Conducting Interviews     

(d) All of above

20. A graphic representation of an information system is called?
(a) Flow chart     

(b) Pictogram     
(c) Data flow diagram     
(d) Histogram

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