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Banking Awareness quiz for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam 46

Banking Awareness quiz for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Exam. Useful for 

Mock Test Quiz IBPS Clerk Main and IBPS SO(IT) Exam

Q.1. Which of the following is/are functions of the RBI?
I. Acts as the currency authority
II. Controls money supply and credit
III. Manages Foreign Exchange
IV.Serves as a banker to the government
(a) I and II
(b) II and III
(c) I, II and III
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

Q.2. Which of the following cooperative bank is considered as the first cooperative bank in India?
(a) Greater Bombay Cooperative Bank Limited
(b) Abhyudaya Cooperative Bank Limited
(c) Ahmedabad Mercantile Cooperative Bank Limited
(d) Amanath Cooperative Bank Limited
(e) Anyonya Cooperative Bank

Q.3. According to the risk diversification principle of bank lending, diversification should be in terms of
(a) customer base
(b) geographic location
(c) nature of business
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

Q.4. Axis bank is a
(a) Public Sector Bank
(b) Private Sector Bank
(c) Cooperative Bank
(d) Foreign Bank
(e) Gramin Bank

Q.5. Savings account with zero balance can be opened for
(a) person of high net worth
(b) employees of IT companies
(c) weaker sections of society
(d) women customers
(e) None of these

Q.6. In 1991, the SLR was as high as
(a) 25%
(b) 30%
(c) 38.5%
(d) 39.5%
(e) 40%

Q.7. Rupee coins are the legal tender in India under the provisions of
(a) Reserve Bank of India Act 1934
(b) Negotiable Instruments Act 1881
(c) Banking Regulation Act 1949
(d) Indian Coinage Act 1906
(e) None of the above

Q.8. In an economy’s Balance of Payments account
(a) the capital and current accounts must add to one
(b) the current account is always greater than the capital account
(c) both the balance on current account and the balance on capital account are zero
(d) the capital plus current account balances must equal zero
(e) capital outflows must equal capital inflows

Q.9. Which one of the following percentages is the share of the Indian export in the international trade?
(a) less than 1%
(b) more than 1%, but less than 3%
(c) more than 3%, but less than 5%
(d) more than 5%, but less than 7%
(e) more than 8%

Q.10. On the balance of payments statement, merchandise imports are classified in the
(a) current account
(b) capital account
(c) unilateral transfer account
(d) official settlements account
(e) None of the above

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