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BANK PO and Clerk INTERVIEWS Guide Class Full Dose

Full Dose BANK PO and Clerk INTERVIEWS Special Guide Class

IBPS Bank PO Complete Interview Guide by Meritmock Readers Team

Before an interview, you must make a self-assessment of yourself. A list of your plus and minus points should be prepared. Know it for certain that a thorough self-assessment will enable you to be absolutely clear in your mind you are most suited for and what you actually want. This will undoubtably make you a far more positive candidate in any interview. Thereafter, you can begin to emphasise your plus points. You can also do something to counteract your minus points. Also check - Superub Dose for IBPS Bank Interview

For those young people who are just their beginning career, activities outside work are, in most cases, very useful indicator of potential (qualities that exist and can be developed). These may even contribute to greater working skill. Also check : IBPS Bank PO Exam Interview Questions and Answers pdf

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When you look at your qualification closely, you find that they are good. It is a fact that most of us have a tendency to underrate our own skills and experience. The reason is that we cannot put a definite name to them.
It is quite possible that you possess many less aggressive qualities. In case, you do not feel you are a thrusting dynamic sort of a person, you may possess different but equally desirable qualities which a prospective employer will want. Let us name a few examples. You may be honest, caring and good at handling people, trustworthy, reliable, sincere, and so on.
Your Positive Points
You will have to give concrete evidence in an interview that you possess some positive points which will stand you in good stead if you are to be employed in a suitable post. You will also have to show evidence of your work skills and potential from your future career.
Extra-curricular activities at school or college are also important. Remember that being involved in running the students union shows many qualities. These are initiative, ability to communicate, energy, responsibility, organizational skills, and so forth. Part-time work to augment the family income certainly shows a positive attitude, hard work, resourcefulness, discipline and valuable experience.
Candidates, who can show that they have used their time in a constructive manner in voluntary work, etc., will be able to match themselves to jobs which demands the qualities, such  as reliability, flexibility, hard work, responsibility, courtesies, initiative and so on. The fact that your potential has not been allowed to waste away, will surely increase the confidence of your performance in the interview.
You would do well to bear in mind that starting or running a parent-teacher association is proof of many highly useful qualities and abilities. Similarly, fund raising for charitable purposes certainly shows organizational ability, initiative,human service, and energy. These positive points will undoubtedly give you personally, as well as prospective employers, a more positive image of you as a candidate in an interview.

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Your Negative points
You must be totally objective in the matter of assessing your weaknesses as well. Bear in mind that nobody in this materialistic world has a perfect work record and perfect qualifications. Everyone has had some failure or disappointment at one time or another. Remember that none can escape disappointment or failure in life. It is simple natural. There is no escape from it. In this connection, the important thing is to be aware of these negative points in yourself, in order that you can be well-prepared with the best positive interpretation of them, if the interviewer picks them up.
How to Convert a Negative point to Positive Point
Suppose, if you have mentioned a negative point in the interview that you think more about any problem or situation and the interviewers interpret it as it will delay your decisions during your job. You can justify it by saying that taking delayed decision is always better than a defective or bad hasty decision. I may take few minutes more in taking a decision but my decision would be well-thought and justified. Thus your negative point picked by the interviewer will become your positive point.

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Similarly,you must find out justifications of the negative points you have, to convincingly justify the point and also mention that you are sincerely trying to improve on that particular point and it will no way affect your performance at work.

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