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What is Seating Arrangement in Reasoning Ability

The process of making a group of people to sit as per a prefixed manner is called Seating Arrangement. In these questions, some conditions are given on the basis of which students are required to arrange objects, either in a row or in a circular order.

General Guidelines to solve ‘Seating Arrangement’ Questions:
Guideline 1: First of all take a quick glance on the given information. After performing this step, you would get an idea of the situation of people or objects.
Guideline 2: Next, determine the usefulness of each information and classify them accordingly into ‘definite information’, ‘comparative information’ and ‘negative information’.
Guideline 3: When the place of any person or object is definitely mentioned then we say that it is definite information.
Guideline 4: When the place of any person or object is not mentioned definitely but mentioned only in the comparison of another person or object, then we say that it is comparative information
Guideline 5: A part of definite information may consist of negative information. Negative information does not tell us anything definitely but it gives an idea to eliminate a possibility.

Linear Arrangement
In this type of arrangement, we arrange people or objects in a line or row. The arrangement is done only on one ‘axis’ and hence, the position … last position. In this type of arrangement, we take directions according to our left and right.

There are few words which must be paid adequate attention, i.e., ‘between’ means sandwiched, ‘immediate ‘left’ is different from ‘to the left’.

Circular Arrangement
In this type of arrangement we arrange people sitting around a table; the table could be of any shape i.e., rectangular, Square, Circular etc.

Circular Sequence:
In this arrangement, some persons are sitting around a circle and they are facing the center.

  1. Left movement is called clockwise rotation
  2. Right movement is called anti – clockwise rotation

(i) The above presentation is for 4 persons but for any number of persons, the direction is taken in the same manner.
(ii) For rectangular and sequence arrangement, directions are taken as discussed in two rows sequence.

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