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Trick for IBPS Bank PO and Clerk Reasoning Questions and answers : Seating arrangement questions

Questions in Logical Reasoning based on Seating Arrangement sets should be solved by preparing a sketch in mind or preferably, on the paper so that you are able to answer more than one questions comfortably.

Seating arrangement questions are one of the most consistent parts of Logical Reasoning section in IBPS Bank PO Clerk SBI PO Clerk RRB RBI exams.

Though the questions of seating arrangement look complex in first read, an organized way of approaching these questions will make it much simpler to solve than other questions. Also, with multiple ways of approaching the question, you can easily cross-check the accuracy factor by a quick revisit of the question. 

How to solve?
Questions in Logical Reasoning based on Seating Arrangement sets should be solved by preparing a sketch in mind or preferably, on the paper so that you are able to answer more than one questions comfortably. There may be multiple conditions and it is expected from the aspirant to logically understand the same. The only way is however, is to practice more and gradually you will develop required skill sets and logical short cuts to solve these problems. Initially, while going to solve such questions, you should go by the following steps: 

1. Do not jump to the answer options unless and until you have carefully read the problem and have understood it. 

2. After understanding the questions, you should go for elimination method. When you go through the options, ensure to understand and eliminate the incorrect option. If you are able to pin point the incorrect ones you are the winner. To achieve this, go through all the given options carefully, and don’t skip any of them.

3. The problem has to be solved on the basis of given information and not on the assumptions. Therefore, do not assume any formation which is not available in the problems. Only the given facts should be used. 

4. Two most important things that will guide you to lead to the conclusions. The information you are provided with, will lead to a valid conclusion since it definitely follows. But, the conclusion which does not definitely follow from the given information will be invalid one. This you have to remember, while solving the questions. 

5. Words like “all” “some”, “none”, “other than”, “only” or “unless” etc. have to be given due care and special attention, since questions will be based on such information. 

Let us have example problems and try to solve it -
Example problems 1 & 2 – Read the information given below and answer the questions based on the small paragraph.
Problem-1 (with a multiple questions)
One of the renowned NGOs in India has taken on the challenge to save tigers in the country and has invited five film personalities to pose for photographs with the specially designed shirts and placards to convey the message. However, Shahrukh doesn’t want to stand next to Salman as they have some problems between them. Vidya and Vivek wish to pose standing close to each other as there is more understanding between them. Bobby has some issues with vivek as he misbehaved with him in a party and both are at logger heads. Vivek always loves to stand at the extreme right and would seldom compromise the position. Nevertheless, the problem was resolved somehow and it became a great message for the world in the best manner.

Question 1: If Shahrukh is standing to the extreme left, who is standing in the middle?
(a) Vivek
(b) Salman
(c) Vidya
(d) Bobby

Question 2: If Shahrukh stands to the extreme left, who stands fourth from left?
(a) Vidya
(b) Salman
(c) Vivek
(d) Bobby

Question 3: If Vidya gets a conflict with Vivek and doesn’t want to stand next to him and Vivek is ready to give-up his claim on extreme right position while Sharukh wants to stand second from right, who will stand on extreme right position.
(a) Vidya
(b) Salman
(c) Bobby
(d) Unable to decide


Left-to right
1. Shahrukh  2.Bobby   3.Salman   4. Vidya  5.Vivek ,  Therefore -   Answer 1: B
If Shahrukh is standing at the extreme left, this arrangement will be fine satisfying all the personalities. It is, therefore Salman who is in the middle.

Answer 2: A
Once you have understood the arrangement, you can solve all the questions.  Looking at the arrangement the fourth position from left will be occupied by Vidya.

Answer 3: C
Going by the question and changed situation following arrangement may be made -
Left to right –
1.Vidya 2.Salman 3.Vivek 4.Shahrukh 5.Bobby

Problem-2 (with a single question)

Abhishek, Bharat, Chakradhar, Damodar and Elizabeth are sitting on a bench. Abhishek is sitting next to Bharat, Chakradhar is sitting next to Damodar, Damodar is not sitting with Elizabeth who is on the left end of the bench. Chakradhar is on the second position from the right. Abhishek is to the right of Bharat and Elizabeth. Abhishek and Chakradhar are sitting together. In which position Abhishek is sitting ?

A. Between Bharat and Damodar
B. Between Bharat and Chakradhar
C. Between Elizabeth and Damodar
D. Between Chakradhar and Elizabeth

Answer:  B Explanation: From Left to Right – 1. Elizabeth 2.Bharat 3.Abhishek 4.Chakradhar 5.Damodar. Hence Abhishek is sitting between Bharat and Chakradhar 

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