Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Some Important Tips which you have to keep in your mind while going for Bank Interview

Tips on Preparing for the Interview-Day:
*.Gather information about the bank or organization that has invited you for the interview. This will give you a clear idea about the philosophy, work environment and reputation of the company.
*.Read the job description carefully as to what they expect from you.
*.Evaluate your qualifications,experience, and core competences, areas of strength and accordingly draw up a questionnaire along with your replies to the expected questions.

o   Brush up your communication skills.
*.Interviewers normally ask you to highlight your strengths and weaknesses.
*.Strengths of course can be emphasized more easily but even the weaknesses can be presented in a positive light. For example, ‘I am a little impatient with the people who are not focused enough, or non serious about the work in hand’
*.Go with a positive frame of mind, without worrying much about the outcome.

o  \Attending the Interview: Go with a smile (not a grin) on your face, with confidence and
    determination to succeed in your heart.

o   As You Enter:
*.Depending upon whether you are being interviewed by one person or a panel of interviewers, greet politely ‘Good Morning’/Afternoon or Evening depending upon time of the day.
*.If there are more than one person then address them as ‘Sirs/Madams’ and try to encompass them all in your greeting. If there is only one lady in the panel, it is polite to greet her separately.
*.Most probably you will be offered a seat. Do not sit down unless you are asked to.

o   Facing the Interviewers
*.As you sit across the interviewer(s),look confident and relaxed.
*.In most cases the interviewers themselves will try to put you at ease.

o   The Body Language
*.Good body language can be inculcated and practiced. Your facial expression, appearance, gestures, how you walk, talk, stand, sit, use your limbs etc. all form part of your body language.

o   Pay attention to the following.
*.Sit straight comfortably without craning your neck. Do not slouch.
*.Look attentive, keen and interested.
*.Talk clearly, maintaining a pitch that is comfortably audible to the person(s) around.
*.Do not get overexcited even while describing your achievements and strengths.
*.Listen to the queries attentively, constantly maintaining polite eye contact with the interviewers.
*.Nod your head to show that you are listening, interjecting appropriately with ‘Yes Sir/Madam’, absolutely, definitely etc.
*.Lean forward a little as you speak and backward as you listen.
*.Do not touch your face, or shake your legs.
*.Keep your arms either on your sides or in your lap. Do not fold your arms, as it is a sign of rudeness.
*.Use short simple sentences while talking.
*.Do not make unrealistic tall claims during
*.Never get too arrogant or aggressive in front
*.Do not show your disappointment and disinterest.
*.Poise till the end.
*.Always thank the interviewers as you leave.

       Article  Shared by Hema Sharma : Assistant Manager- Uco Bank

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