Saturday, 14 November 2015

Rapid General Knowledge (About-India) for IBPS Test

 About India :

1. Area- 32,87,263 sq-km( 2.4% of world area)
2. Population-1.271 billion (17.5% of world population)
3. India shares international land boundary with 7 countries namely-pakistan, china, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, bhutan, Myanmar .

4. India is separated from srilanka by pak-strait
5. Longest boundary line with Bangladesh
6. Shortest boundary line with Afghanistan
7. Radcliff is the international boundary line between India and Pakistan.
8. Mac- mohan line--- between india and china
10. India’s largest frontier- 15,200 kms
11. India’s north to south distance-3,214 kms
12. India’s east to west distance---2,933 kms
13. India’s northern most point---kilik dhawan pass (jammu & kashmir)
14. Southern most point—pygmollian point (great nicobar islands) or Indira point.
15. India’s eastern most point—purvancha
l mountains(arunachal Pradesh)
16. India’s western most point-Rann of kutch (Gujarat)
17. Total coastline length-7516.6kms (including islands)
18. India’s mainland coastline length-6100kms (9 states)
19. India has 29 states and 7 UT’S
20. Largest state-rajastan
21. Smallest state-goa
22. Most populous state- Uttar Pradesh
23. Least populous state- Sikkim
24. Largest UT- Andaman and nicobar islands
25. Smallest UT –lakshadweep
26. India is 7th largest country in the world
27. 2nd populous country in the world
28. National bird of india- peacock
29. National animal of india- tiger
30. National flower-lotus
31. National fruit- mango
32. National song- vandemataram
33. National game- hockey
34. National tree- banyan
35. National emblem- the lion capital of ashoka at sarnath.

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