Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Night Class : IBPS CLERK PO RBI 'B' Possible: Reasoning Quiz - 47

Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below it.
           A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular area at equal distance between each other, but not necessarily in the same order. Some of the people are facing the center while some face outside (i.e., in a direction opposite to the center). Facing the same direction means if one faces the center then other also faces the center and vice versa. Facing opposite direction means if one person faces the center then the other faces outside and vice versa. 

          D sits second to the left of B. B faces outside. A and F are immediate neighbours of D. h sits second to the right of A. C sits third to the left of H. E sits to the immediate right of G. D sits third to the left of E. D faces the same direction as H. F sits to the immediate right of C. F and G take same directions.

1. Which of the following is true regarding F as per the given seating arrangement?
(1) Only one person sits between F and B
(2) Only three persons sits between F and H
(3) A sits second to the left of H
(4) C sits to the immediate right of F
(5) F Faces the centre

2. How many people in the given arrangement face outside?
(1) Four            
(2) Two   
(3) One
(4) Three          
(5) Five

3. What is C’s position with respect to A?
(1) Fourth to the right   
(2) Third to the left
(3) Second to the left    
(4) Fifth to the left
(5) Third to the right

4. Who sits exactly between G and C when counted from the right of G?
(1) E                
(2) F                
(3) H
(4) D                
(5) B

5. Who sits to the immediate left of B?
(1) A                
(2) H                
(3) Other than those given as options
(4) D                
(5) G

Directions (Q.6-10): In each question below some statements, you have to take the given statements to be true if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and them decide which of the given Answer is not true logically.
          (1) If only conclusion I
          (2) If only conclusion II.
          (3) If only conclusion III.
          (4) If only conclusion IV.
          (5) If only conclusion V.

6.    Statements: All Peon are Cap.
                    Some Peon are Market.
                    No Peon are bottle.
       Conclusion: I. Some Market being bottle is a possibility.
                    II. At-least some cap are Market.
                    III. All cap can never be bottle.
                    IV. All Market are bottle.
                    V. Some cap are Peon.

7.    Statements: Some books are notebook.
                    All Notebook are copy.
                    No hand is copy.
      Conclusion: I. Some Notebooks are book.
                   II. Some books being hand is a possibility.
                    III. No hand is book.
                    IV. No Note book is hand.
                    V. All Notebook being books is a possibility.

8.    Statements: Some band are shirt.
                     Some shirt are Paint.
                     Some Paint are T-shirt.
                     No Shirt is watch.
      Conclusion: I. Some T-shirt are shirt.
                    II. All band can never watch
                    III. Some T-shirt are Paint.
                    IV. All Paint being band is a possibility.
                    V. Some band being T-shirt is possibility.

9.    Statements: All river are sea
                    Some sea are Pond
                    No pond is Sand
       Conclusion: I. Some sand being sea is a possibility.
                    II. Some river are sea.
                    III. all sea can never be sand
                    IV. No river is pond is a possibility.
                    V. Some river being sand is a possibility.

10. Statements: Some Patna are Delhi.
                     No Delhi is Chapra
                     Some Chapra are Siwan.
       Conclusion: I. Some Patna being Siwan is a possibility.
                    II. All Patna can never be Chapra
                    III. All Delhi can never be Siwan.
                    IV. No Patna is Chapra is possibility.
                    V. All Chapra being Siwan is a possibility.


1.    (2)
2.    (5)
3.    (2)
4.    (1)
5.    (1)
6.    (4)
7.    (3)
8.    (1)
9.    (3)
10. (3)

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