Thursday, 26 November 2015

Modi in Singapore : Important Pacts & Agreements

1. Joint declaration on strategic partnership.

2. Agreement on defence corporation.

3. Agreement on sharing white shipping information.

4. Agreements on extension of loan of artefacts to the Asian civilizations museum of Singapore.

5. Executive program on cooperation of the fields of arts heritage archives and library.

6. MoU between airports authority of India and singapore cooperation enterprise in civil aviation.

7. MoU between Niti Aayog and Singapore cooperation enterprise on cooperation in the field of planning.

8. MoU between town and country planning organization of India and Singapore cooperation enterprise in capacity building,urban planning and governance.

9. MoU between Indian computer emergency response team,dept if IT and Singapore computer emergency response team ,cyber security.

10. MoU on cooperation to combat illicit trafficking in narcotics drugs ,psychotropic substance and their precursors.

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