Wednesday, 18 November 2015

IBPS PO-Clerk-SBI-RBI-RRB Exam Interview Questions

Questions Importance of Marketing in Banking?

This question can be seen mainly common for bank interview questions candidates who have done their MBA and have applied for the bank job. Many of these candidates would have done their MBA in marketing which makes the question quite more relevant.

So how do you go about answering it. There is no need to for you to say specificially that you have done your MBA in marketing or so your achievemens. You need to concentratre your answer priorily on the banking sector. You need to explain the procedures and the situations that may arise in banking.

Let us see a model answer:
Banks mainly deals with lending and deposit activities.In the case of lending, when the customer approaches the bank for a loan he would have done his research. He would definitely have considered other banks before applying for a loan in our bank. So either low interest rates or the customer satisfaction would have helped him to apply for loan with our banks.So it is natural that an MBA holder in ,marketing can analyses the situation well and can respond to the needs of the customer. Similarly in the case of deposit customer satisfaction is predominant. The customer needs to feel that the bank respects the hard work he had done to earn the money which he is going to deposit with our bank. So it is all about understanding our customers and and marketing the bank well. It is what a marketing graduate can well do.

If you are an MBA graduate make sure you prepare an answer that comes in tunes with the above answer. You may well expect this question. Other candidates should also not disregard this question as it can be framed like do you think marketing is necessary in banking? Or like can you do marketing? Is it important in banking sector? Recommended that you also read Quick Guide for Expected Important Asked Interview Questions and Answers Download pdf for four good practice.

So prepare your answer with with help of above article. Next Question Published soon.

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