Wednesday, 4 November 2015

IBPS English Language Notes (Topic : Preposition)

A Preposition is placed before a noun or pronoun to show the relation between this noun or pronoun and some other word in the sentence.

Examples : --
Put his book on the table.
Give this book to him.
Note - The noun or prooun placed after the preposition is called its Object

In the above sentences, the noun " table " is the object of the preposition " on " ; and the pronoun " him " is the object of the preposition " to ".
The following list contains some other examples of the preposition : --
( a ) A lamp is hung above my head.
( b ) He sailed across the sea.
( c ) He returned after many days
( d ) He is not at home just now.
( e ) He stands before the door
( f ) The dog ran behind its master.
( g ) He stood below me in the class
( h ) I sat beside him.
( i ) There is nothing in the room besides a table.
( j ) You must be back by four o'clock.
( k ) He does this sum for his calssmate.
( l )  He came from school.
( m ) Go into the garden.
( n ) He sent me a box of books
( p ) He sat under the tree.
( q ) He killed the bird with a stone.  
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