Saturday, 28 November 2015

IBPS English Knowledge Close Test Exam MCQs Mock Quiz - 33

Direction for the questions 1 to 10: In the following passage. There are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passages and against each five words are suggested. One of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out of the appropriate word in each case.

Educational planning should aim at (1) the educational needs of the (2) population of all age groups. While the traditional structure of education as a three layer (3) from the primary (4) to the university represents the (5), we should not overlook the (6) which is equally important under modern conditions. Workers need to (7) or renew their enthusiasm, or (8) out in a new direction or improve their (9) as much as any university professor. The retired and the aged have their (10) as well. Educational planning in other words should take care of the needs of everyone.

A) promoting 
B) meeting 
C) understanding 
D) experience 
E) satisfy

A) all 
B) maximum 
C) entire 
D) full 
E) growing

A) position 
B) ranking 
C) order 
D) chain 
E) hierarchy

A) grade 
B) stage 
C) dais 
D) part 
E) unit

A) center 
B) gist 
C) core 
D) basis 
E) crux

A) fringe 
B) beginning 
C) boundaries 
D) periphery 
E) base

A) regain 
B) reverse 
C) start 
D) halt 
E) enervate

A) find 
B) tap 
C) move 
D) reach 
E) strike

A) aptitudes 
B) skills 
C) accomplishment
D) capacities 
E) inadequacy

A) commitments 
B) wants 
C) needs 
D) duties 
E) longing


1 c
2 c
3 e
4 b
5 c
6 e
7 e
8 d
9 a
10 d

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