Thursday, 12 November 2015

IBPS CLERK QUEST (Computer Knowledge) : Important Expected Computer Questions Quiz. : 45

  1. How many copies of the database schema are typically used in the redesign process? Ans-Three

  2. Which part of CPU can calculate and take decisions ? Ans- Airthmatic Logic Unit (ALU)

  3. Which Country Has the Most Computer System? Ans-America

  4. CPU and UPS are stand for. Ans- Central Processing Unit and Uninterrupted power supply

  5. What is Pentium ? Ans- Computer version

  6. Who is the father of computer ? Ans- Charles Bebej 

  7. World Fastest Computer ? Ans- Word fastest Computer is K

  8. What is full name of IBM ? Ans- International Business Machine

  9. World first calculating device.  Ans- Abacus

  10. What use in first generation computer ? Ans Vacuum Tube (1942-55)

  11. PC stand For. Ans- Personnel Computer

  12. Computer which use binary system calls. Ans- Digital Computer

  13. Most powerful computer.  Ans- Personnel Computer

  14. Operating Systems are use in. Ans- Third Generation Computer

  15. Which printer are use in desktop printing ? Ans- Lager Printer

  16. which equipment are use to hold the screen ? Ans- Moniter

  17. What type of device is Printer ? Ans Output

  18. How many click a mouse have ? Ans Two

  19. What is Volatile Memory ? Ans- RAM (Random Access Memory)

  20. What is the Difference between CD-ROM and CD-RW ? Ans CD-ROM for read only but CD-RW for read and write only.

  21. ROM and RAM stand for. Ans- ROM (Read Only Memory) and RAM (Random Access Memory)

  22. CD,KB,MB,GB and TB stand for. Ans- CD-Compact Disc, KB-Kilo Bytes, MB-Mega Bytes, GB-Gega Bytes and TB-Tera Bytes

  23. Which is the highest unit in KB,MB,GB and TB. Ans- TB (Tera Bytes)

  24. A tool that can help designers understand the dependencies of database structures is a. Ans- Dependency Graph

  25. Work of CPU is. Ans- To read the information and instruction, Then interpret and process

  26. What is hard-disk or hard-drive. Ans- Primary Storage Device

  27. What is Pen-drive, Cd and Floppy drives. Ans- Secondary Storage Device

  28. FORTRAN programming language use for. Ans- Mathematical Calculation

  29. Most Use programming language are.  Ans Java and C++

  30. Compiler use for compiling program write on. Ans- High Level Language

  31. Java develop by. Ans- Sun micro-system

  32. HTML stand for. Ans- Hyper Text Markup Link

  33. HTML is. Ans- Web development base programming language

  34. equal to one million byte. Ans- Gega Bytes

  35. Computer to store and calculate data. Ans- Binary

  36. Computer memory are evaluate in. Ans- Byte

  37. Person who write the computer program call. Ans- Programmer

  38. For calculating salary, Keeping records of sales and purchase and managing data are some task done by the help of. Ans- Application Software

  39. What is E-commerce. Ans- Business on Internet

  40. Second name of www (world wide web). Ans- w3c

  41. What is Yahoo,Google and Msn. Ans- Internet Site

  42. Father of E-mail. Ans- R Tomolision

  43. What is URL. Ans- Uniform resource locator

  44. Password are use to. Ans- Protect your data from Hacker

  45. What is Virus. Ans- Its a program which install in our PC without our knowledge

  46. What is worms. Ans- Its a program which make its own copy without permission

  47. Hacker and cracker. Ans- Hacker who hack and enter your system without your permission and Cracker who crack any type of password

  48. Cyber Crime. Ans- A crime Which done by the help of computer and internet system

  49. Source of virus arrival into a computer system. Ans- Email, Cd and Pen-drive etc.
     50. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+X Shortcuts are use for. Ans- Ctrl+C for Copy, Ctrl+V for Paste Ctrl+X for Cut.

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