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IBPS Clerk Exam :Test of English Language Quiz - 16

Q.No.1. 'Being tired, he fell asleep'. This sentence, when changed into the compound form, becomes
(A) As he was tired, he fell asleep
(B) He was tired and fell asleep
(C) Tiredness made him fall asleep
(D) When he was tired, he fell asleep

Q.No.2. ____ of the three boys should meet me
(A) Any      (B) Either            (C) Neither          (D) Some

Q.No.3. My uncle has worked in Chennai ____ twenty years
(A) for        (B) since     (C) till        (D) from

Q.No.4. The manager wanted to know ____ done the job
(A) how had I                (B) how I had
(C) how would I have   (D) how I have

Q.No.5. They won't ____.
(A) allow to smoke       (B) allow to smoking .
C) allow us smoking     (D) allow smoking .

Q.No.6. Sreekutty is ____ of the two girls in our class
(A) the smarter            (B) the smartest
(C) the more smarter   (D) the most smartest

Q.No.7. Everyone was present yesterday, ____? 
(A) was it ?          (B) wasn't it ?     
(C) were they ?    (D) weren't they ?

Q.No.8. Carry an umbrella lest it ____ rain
(A) may      (B) will       (C) should   (D) can

Q.No.9. Chicken pox is a ____ disease
(A) contiguous    (B) contagious     (C) continuous    (D) catching

Q.No.10. One who lives for pleasure is called a ____. 
(A) hedonist        (B) sadist    (C) masochist      (D) heathen

Q.No.11. The 'opposite' of the word 'oriental' is ____. 
(A) Disoriented   (B) Squrious        (C) Occidental     (D) Eastern

Q.No.12. Identify the word which comes closest in meaning to 'tacit'
(A) silent             (B) sidden            (C) clear     (D) open

Q.No.13. Which of the following words is correctly spelt?
(A) Vaccum         (B) Botony                    (C) Vaccancy       (D) Separate

Q.No.14."The expression 'vox populi, vox doe' means:
(A) The more, the merrier
(B) The voice of the people is the voice of God
(C) Population explosion is a serious threat to humanity
(D) Man proposes, but God disposes

Q.No.15. Identify the correct match:
(A) Gander -Goose       (B) Fox - Colt
(C) Duke - Lady            (D) Dog - filly

Q.No.16. The plural form of 'Son-in-Law' is 
(A) Son-in-laws            (B) Cost of the screen
(C) Sons-in-law             (D) None of the above"

Q.No.17. A _____ of wolves:
(A) pack               (B) league            (C) herd     (D) litter

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1    b
2    c
3    a
4    b
5    d
6    b
7    d
8    c
9    b
10    a
11    d
12    c
13    d
14    b
15    a
16    c
17    a

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