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IBPS Clerk Exam - Quantitative Aptitude MCQs : Test 15

Dear readers, Good evening. In the IBPS Clerk exam Preparation Numerical Ability sections is more scoring part and if we try to solve more practice then we can get better score in IBPS Exam.

1.The profit earned by selling an article for Rs. 832 is equal to the loss incurred when the same article is sold for Rs. 448. What should be the sale price of the article for making 50 per cent profit?
(a) 825                 (b) 890                      (c) 900                 (d) 960                   (e) 970

2. How many kg of vanilla ice cream worth Rs.120 per kg should be blended with 20 kg of chocolate ice cream worth Rs.150/kg? So that by selling the blended variety at Rs.140/kg. There should be a gain of 12%.
(a) 200kg             (b) 250kg                (c) 100kg                (d) 150kg              (e) 175 kg

3.Tea worth Rs.126 per kg and Rs.135 per kg are mixed with a third variety in the ratio 1:1:2. If the mixture is worth Rs. 153 per kg, the price of the third variety per kg will
(a) Rs. 120            (b) Rs. 112.5            (c) Rs. 100           (d) 175. 50             (e) Rs 125

4.A mixture contains acid and water in the ratio of 1:4 and another contains them in the ratio 4:5. If we want a third mixture from the above ones with a ratio 2:7, the proportion in which the two varieties should be mixed is
(a) 9:1                     (b) 2:1                       (c) 10:1                  (d) 3:2                   (e) 7:5

5.A sum of money becomes of itself in years at a certain rate of simple interest. The rate of interest per annum is
(a) 10%                  (b) 1%                       (c) 2.5%                  (d) 5%                  (e) 5.4

6.Mr. Kanna took a loan of Rs. 10, 000 on simple interest for two years at the rate of 3 p. c. p. a. the total amount that he will be paying as interest in 2 years is 3% of his monthly salary. What is his monthly salary?
(a) Rs. 30, 000     (b) Rs. 16, 000     (c) Rs. 20, 000     (d) Rs. 12, 000       (e) None of these

7.At what rate of compound interest per annum will a sum of Rs. 3000 become Rs. 3993 in 3 yr?
(a) 10%                  (b) 8%                     (c) 12%                    (d) 6%                     (e) None of these

8.A certain work can be done in a certain time by 25 men; with 5 men less, it could have been done in 3 days more. In what time can it be done by 40 men?
(a)5 1/2  Days     (b) 7 1/2 Days           (c) 9 1/2  Days              (d)  12 1/2  Days        (e) None of these

9.6 men and 8 women together can complete a piece of work in 10 days. Work done by a woman in one day is equal to half the work done by a man in one day. If 10 women are working alone, in how many days will the work get completed?
(a) 20                     (b) 22                      (c) 25                         (d) 28                      (e) None of these

10. One man works for 5 hours a day for 10 days and completes a piece of work. One boy works for 8 hours for 20 days to complete the same job. What is the ratio of their efficiencies?
(a) 5 : 10                 (b) 16 : 5                (c) 9 : 23                  (d) 5 : 6                     (e) None of these

Answers :
  1. (d) 2. (b) 3. (c) 4. (a) 5. (e) 6. (e) 7. (a) 8. (c) 9. (c) 10. (d)

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