Friday, 27 November 2015

IBPS Clerk Exam - Practice English Questions Mock Quiz - 31

1. We were thinking _________ it ________ something like a requiem for our age. 
(a) for, because
(b) for, as
(c) of, since
(d) of, as

2. Hardly a day goes _____ when I don't remember all those great people who had gathered ______ my home on his birthday.  
(a)out, in
(b) by, in
(c) through, on
(d) for, on

3. The great epics of ancient India took shape in the course of several hundred years, and __________, many additions were made to them.
(a) Following
(b) Then

(c) Subsequently
(d) Otherwise

4. Rakesh had bought the book for me. I ____ him Rs. 500.
(a) owe
(b) lend
(c) give
(d) borrow

5. Radha did not get a promotion ________ her consistent performance throughout the year.
(a) besides
(b ) inspite
(c) despite

6. He is better acquainted with the place ____ I am .
(a) which
(b) that
(c) while
(d) than

7. Usually the room tariff in this hotel is higher. At present, it is low because of the ______season.
(a) peak

(b) off
(c) down
(d) slow
(e) full
8. The monk wanders here and there in search of silence and peace. His lives a ________life.
(a) nomadic
(b) boring
(c) religious
(d) busy

9. Astronauts have completed a major mission in space. It was ______ a replacement of thefuel tank in one of the space stations .
(a) Concerns

(b) Concern
(c) Concerning
(d) Concerned

10. "We need to call this _____ ," Monika demanded.
(a) out
(b) at
(c) off
(d) away

11. Films are becoming a medium of cultural contacts, good relations and _______among different countries
(a) Wars
(b) Love
(c) Harmony
(d) Conformity
12. Successful people inspire many others to follow ____ path.  
(a) ones
(b) their
(c) his
(d) the
13.Work related stress can lead to heart problems if not checked ____ time.
(a) by
(b) ago
(c) before
(d) within
(e) in

14. All the history books belonging to the Mughal period have been ___________ fromSanskrit to English
(a) transferred
(b) dictated

(c) translated
(D) dubbed

15. Heritage languages which form a part of India's rich culture are becoming ________.
(a) Extinctive
(b) Extinguish
(c) Extinction
(d) Extinct
16. After being promoted, she is not bothered ______ the office gossip about her private life.
(a) for

(b) in
(c) from
(d) by

17. He is better acquainted with the place ____ I am .
(a) which
(b) that

(c) while
(d) than

18. The institute reserves the right to make any change in the items ________ in the itinerary.  
(a) Contains
(b) Contained
(c) Contain

19. The opinions ________ by various individuals regarding the problems faced by themhelped the Government in formulating changes.
(a) Expresses

(b) Expressed
(c) Expression

20. The company wants to _____ cost-cutting measures before it starts to incur losses.
(a) reduce
(b) modify
(c) moderate
(d) initiate

21. Do not move towards the car _________ you've finished your milk.
(a) as
(b) while
(c) until
(d) inspite

22. The market was full of people _______ attractive clothes of different styles.
(a) Having
(b) Showing
(c) Wearing
(d) Watching

23. If Mr. Sharma didn't stop hunting ..... betterdeals now, he would lose the opportunity this attractive mobile phone.  
(a) For, to
(b) In, to
(c) To, for
(d) For, that
24. His recent success _____ him more arrogant than what he used to be.
(a) make
(b) have make him
(c) has made
(d) was making
25. The student searched _______ the book, he was certain that it was somewhere _____ his cupboard.
(a) of, in
(b) for, on
(c) for, in
(d) in, in

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