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IBPS BANK EXAM FREE STUDY Questions and Answers (Data Base Management System) : Computer Awareness MCQs Test - 47

1. You can find Sort & Filter group of commands in
(a) Home ribbon
(b) Create ribbon
(c) Database tools ribbon
(d) Fields ribbon

2. Which of the following filter method is not available in Access?
(a) Filter by selection
(b) Filter by form
(c) Advanced filter
(d) None of above

3. By Grouped Report you understand
(a) Type of report generated by the Report Wizard
(b) Type of report that present records sorted in ascending or descending order as you specify
(c) Type of report that displays data grouped by fields you specified
(d) None of above

4. The text you typed in Description column in Table Design View is displayed on
(a) Description bar in forms
(b) Report Footer when printed
(c) Title bar of MS Access while entering data
(d) Status bar while entering data

5. What is the maximum allowed field size for Boolean (Yes/No) fields?
(a) 1
(b) 8
(c) 50
(d) 255

6. ‘AS’ clause is used in SQL for
(a) Selection operation.
(b) Rename operation.
(c) Join operation.
(d) Projection operation.

7. ODBC stands for
(a) Object Database Connectivity.
(b) Oral Database Connectivity.
(c) Oracle Database Connectivity.
(d) Open Database Connectivity.

8. Architecture of the database can be viewed as
(a) two levels.
(b) four levels.
(c) three levels.
(d) one level.

9. In a relational model, relations are termed as
(a) Tuples.
(b) Attributes
(c) Tables.
(d) Rows.

10. The database schema is written in
(a) HLL
(b) DML
(c) DDL
(d) DCL

11. From which version Microsoft introduced Backstage View for Access Interface?
(a) Access 2003
(b) Access 2007
(c) Access 2010
(d) Access does not have Backstage View

12. You can display Backstage View by clicking on
(a) File menu
(b) Home tab
(c) Control box
(d) Quick Access Toolbar

13. Why do you pin an item in list?
(a) To mark it to delete from list
(b) To move it up and make it always available
(c) To make it default database when you open Access
(d) None of above

14. The options like Save, Open Database, Print are available in
(a) Home tab
(b) Backstage View tab
(c) File menu
(d) Database Tools tab

15. What is relational database?
(a) A place to store relational information
(b) A database that is related to other databases
(c) A database to store human relations
(d) None of above

16. The language which has recently become the defacto standard for interfacing application programs with relational database system is
(a) Oracle.
(b) SQL.
(c) DBase.
(d) 4GL.

17. The way a particular application views the data from the database that the application uses is a
(a) module.
(b) relational model.
(c) schema.
(d) sub schema.

18. In an E-R diagram an entity set is represent by a
(a) rectangle.
(b) ellipse.
(c) diamond box.
(d) circle.

19. A report generator is used to
(a) update files.
(b) print files on paper.
(c) data entry.
(d) delete files.

20. The property / properties of a database is / are :
(a) It is an integrated collection of logically related records.
(b) It consolidates separate files into a common pool of data records.
(c) Data stored in a database is independent of the application programs using it.
(d) All of the above.

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